Oreo Cookies & Cream Cake Review

I was searching for Oreo cakes for my nephew’s birthday last month when I came across articles about this frozen Oreo cake from the Oreo brand. A lover of Oreo, I had to give it a try since most of the reviews were positive. The cake is named Cookies and Cream cake and launched in Singapore in November 2019 for SGD 12.95 at selected Cold Storage and Giant only.


I went hunting for the cake and when I finally found it, I was totally elated. There weren’t any instructions on how to serve this so the day I was going to eat it, I removed it from the freezer and left it in the chiller for 2 hours.


The size was good for 4 –  5 persons and the texture was a little too soft as I might have left it in the chiller for too long. I would suggest to remove from the freezer and leave it in the chiller for 30 mins only. The cake was generously topped with Oreo biscuits bits.


The base of the cake was a chocolatey base which was quite moist and dense. The cake itself is a cross between a cheesecake filled with the Oreo sweet cream and ice cream cake. There were bits of Oreo biscuits mixed into the cake itself so you get a nice crunch when you eat the cake itself.

Personally, I liked that the cake was not too heavy and it also had a good sweet balance so it was not overly sweet. I could taste the light fragrance of light cheese mixed with the signature sweet cream of the Oreo biscuits complemented by the biscuits bits. My regret if any is to leave it out in the chiller for too long resulting in an overly soft cake. At SGD 12.95, it is definitely worth the calories and fitting on the dinner table for desserts.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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