Chef Foong Restaurant

I discovered this small eatery hidden in the nearby block of factories and as I pass them daily, there seems to be a big crowd so we decided to give them a try.


Chef Foong restaurant is a casual styled Chinese stir fry styled restaurant located within a canteen of the nearby factory buildings. In the day time, this space is occupied by the usual canteen or hawker styled individual stores selling a variety of food items like noodles or rice. In the evening, the same space is transformed into a casual restaurant where tables are extended in size with wooden planks and properly dressed up with table cloths. Since it is located within a factory canteen, tables are limited so during peak period, it is good to make a booking.


As I visited during the Lunar Chinese New Year, we were served the Yusheng salad where instead of raw fish, we were served baby abalone. This is a dish that is commonly consumed in Singapore and Malaysia during the Chinese New year period and is made of shredded carrots and radish with toppings of peanuts, sesame seeds and other condiments. The yusheng served at Chef Foong was quite well balanced and not too sweet.


This next dish was also pretty delicious and very pretty to look at. Fresh prawns are served fried in batter and coated in 2 different types of sauces. The green one was the wasabi and the purple is the mashed purple sweet potato. Firstly, the prawns were huge and succulent and the sauces are quite refreshing and unique which is different from the usual sweet and sour sauce. This dish might not be available post CNY.


The steamed fish served was very fresh and the meat was springy and soft. Steamed with light soy sauce, ginger and spring onions, the flavours are typically Cantonese and very tasty. Since the fish was fresh, the entire dish holds up very well without strong seasoning.


This next dish was the braised pig trotters with mushrooms which is also a dish popular with Cantonese families during the new year. The pork was very tender and soft as it is braised well in the sauce so the juices from the mushroom and oyster sauce flow nicely onto your tastebuds. This is a perfect dish that complements rice very well.


This next dish is the minced prawn rolls which is not so much a Cantonese dish but a common dish found in most Chinese casual restaurant. This was the only dish which disappointed me as the minced prawn tasted slightly mushy and did not taste particularly fresh and nice. We ultimately did not finish the dish.


The final savoury dish is the fried yee fu noodles with bean sprouts and mushrooms which was extremely flavourful and delicious. The noodles were soft and absorbed the seasoning well giving a balanced taste and it was not too salty.


To end off the meal, we were served mango pudding which was very mild and had an artificial taste to it so we did not finish this item as well.

Overall, the food at Chef Foong restaurant has great flavours for a casual meal and the price is also quite reasonable. I had the chance to try their dishes post CNY and the standards were maintained. In fact, the flavours were better than the CNY period since that was a peak period. One of the other dishes I had tried includes the fried shrimp paste chicken wings and honey pork ribs which were extremely flavourful and delectable.

Address: 1080 Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169311

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 3 pm and 5pm to 10.30 pm


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