Feast @ East Buffet Restaurant

Chanced upon this restaurant as they were having a 1 for 1 lunch promotion so we decided to head over for lunch with a large group to enjoy the promotion.  Located on the third level of Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, the restaurant offers mostly local Peranakan delights as well as Singaporean favourites.


Generally, the restaurant is decorated like a hotel buffet restaurant where the centre counters are where all the food is being placed and it is surrounded by multiple tables and chairs.


Warm and cooked dishes are served at the centre counter and kept warm with warmers


There is a smaller chiller counter that serves cooked chilled seafood like prawns, clams, mussels and conch.


Generally, the prawns are mid in size and very fresh and juicy


At the far end of the restaurant, there is also live cooking stations that serve sashimi, roast duck and chicken and fried Hokkien noodles.


Personally, I feel the sashimi is quite mediocre. While it was fresh, you could taste that it is not one of the top-grade sashimi fish.


You can see the chef cooking the Hokkien noodles every 10 mins to refill the pot as this dish is highly popular. You can see the prawn broth used to cook the noodles and they also provide a sambal chilli for the noodles.


The Hokkien noodles were quite legit and have good flavours but I feel it was slightly overcooked and the noodles too soft. The chilli provided added another layer of oomph and it is generally a nice dish which is why it is very popular.


There is a noodle station where they serve laksa noodles which also a local favourite at buffets.


The laksa gravy packed a nice punch and was quite mild in terms of spicy level.


You can also find some Western delights at the cooked food section like pasta and cream-based chicken.


Here are how some of the dishes look like from the roast duck and chicken counter and the pasta and steamed ginger fish fillet. The taste of the food is quite normal and not exceptionally overwhelming for me to point out any dish.


The soup station has creamy mushroom soup as well as pork ribs lotus roots soup which was quite legit and flavourful.


One dish I needed to specially mention is this traditional braised mushroom, pork and dried oyster dish which is a dish commonly found on the table of a Cantonese family during Chinese New Year. I presume that since I visited during the New Year period, they served this dish but I am not sure if this is offered throughout the year. This dish was so flavourful and full of umami flavours, I had multiple servings. I would give this a 5 star as every ingredient is well braised.


For desserts, there is the cakes and fruits section and in particular, the durian cakes and mousse is the most popular ones.


There is also an ice-cream corner with the usual chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream flavours.

Overall, the food at Feast @ East is not the most premium but the variety is great enough to satisfy a foodie’s buffet craving. Some dishes are exceptional and definitely worth several helpings while some are just good for filling your stomach. Something to note is that the service standards are quite good as the plates are cleared very fast.

Address: 50 E Coast Rd, Level 3 Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy, Singapore 428769

Operating hours: 12 pm to 2.30 pm and 6 pm to 9.30 pm




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