Mr Lor Bak

As a lover of braised pork rice, I was full of anticipation when my colleagues suggested checking out this popular stall in the East selling braised pork rice. After doing some checks online, I’m actually surprised to find out that they have another outlet very near to my house.


Back to my visit during lunch, I was at the Ubi outlet which is located at Ubi Ave 1 Blk 350. Mr Lor Bak is nestled in the corner coffee shop as one of the stall offering meals to the neighbourhood. The coffee shop is extremely crowded with limited tables so it is recommended to visit earlier than the usual lunchtime.


There are only a few items on the menu of the stall. Mainly braised pig trotter, braised pork rice, braised chicken wing rice and minced pork rice.


There are also some side dishes which you can either add on to your rice bowl or order as side dishes for sharing. Some of the popular ones are the Mei Cai which is pickled vegetables and the tau pok which is beancurd.


You can also 50 cents to change your braised egg to an onsen egg


The stall has been well-reviewed by many food bloggers as well as food columns in newspapers and magazines. Mr Lor Bak is actually established by William Liou who is the face of the Mr Lor Bak brand. William is an established chef and F&B manager who has names like Sprmrkt, Wine Connection, Copthorne King’s Hotel under his belt. His idea of launching Mr Lor Bak is from his childhood days when he always eats braised pork rice at his grandmother’s place. The recipe he’s developed is his mother’s, passed down from his maternal grandmother.


There are different chilli sauces provided for those who prefer a kick in their rice


I ordered the most popular braised pork rice and added mei cai to my bowl. The serving size is reasonable but for big eaters, this might not be filling enough for their stomachs. The serving of the braised pork is pretty generous with more than 5 pieces.


The braised pork is cooked using the pork belly cut with a good balance of fats and meat. The pork is well braised as the flavours have seeped nicely into the meat and the fats kind of melts in the mouth.


The egg is also well braised with the eggs soaking with flavours from the braised sauce.


The braised pork bowl came with these black fungus which added a nice textured crunch to the whole rice bowl.


The mei cai itself is very soft and nicely braised and is not overly salty but complements the rice and pork very well.

Overall, the braised pork from Mr Lor Bak is quite different from the Taiwanese version and reminds you more of the local homemade version. Not everything is perfect as some parts can be too fatty but the gravy is quite good in flavours and each individual items came together nicely in one bowl for a nice homely meal. They might not be the best braised pork rice I have eaten here but they are quite worth your time and calories.

Address: 350 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore 400350

Operating hours: 11 am to 7 pm


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