Wu Pao Chun Bakery

I finally had a chance to drop by Wu Pao Chun after they opened in Singapore. After the good experience I had with them in Taipei, I had rather high expectations of the first store they open here in Singapore. I was curious if they can win over the Singaporean palates since we do have some very good bakery here.


The entire space is spacious and brightly lit with 2 main glass showcase that houses all their bread.


The bread is placed on metal grilles with cute labels. The display reminds me vaguely of the display at bread talk since they are the investor group for Wu Pao Chun.


There are also some Singapore exclusive bread which they make just for this branch


Separately in another glass counter, they have rows of their award-winning bread like the litchi and rose bread or the red wine longan bread.


They have some interesting glass containers showing the process of using natural yeast which is the main ingredient used in all their bread.


You can also see the kitchen staff hard at work baking up all the goodies sold in the bakery


There is an area dedicated to boxed gift sets for their pineapple cakes and financier.


The cashier counter is at the end of the store and has multiple staff to help with the packing and payment


As most of the space is dedicated to the bread display and the open concept kitchen, there is no cafe area like the one I visited in Taipei. There are, however, small cafe tables and chairs placed along the open space corridor facing the main entrance of Capitol Piazza.


I bought a couple of the famous bread for review and this lot cost me SGD 29


I went back on another occasion to purchase some of the more famous and recommended bread which cost me another SGD 19 for 7 pieces of bread.


Everything was packed nicely into this familiar yellow bag


The cutest part of the entire bakery has to be the door handles which are 2 giant loaves of bread which kind of looks like 2 frowning faces.


First up is the garlic butter bread which can be bought in sets of 3 as they are quite small in size. The bread is soft and strong with garlic buttery cream.


The spicy tuna had loads of black and white sesame seeds on the crust so it has a very nutty fragrant. The bread is very soft but slightly dry but the spicy tuna filling is quite moist and gives the bread a good balance.


The brown sugar bread is created for brown sugar bubble tea lovers. After reading other reviews about this, I was expecting a nice burst of brown sugar when I bit into the bread but I was quite disappointed.  The flavour of the bread is good but a tad too dry for me and reminded me more of a sultana bread than brown sugar bread.


This was the chocolate loaf and in my opinion the best bread from the entire batch that I have bought from Wu Pao Chun Singapore. The bread was soft and most and there were ample chocolate swirls and chips planted throughout the entire loaf. This bread cost over SGD 5 and is enough to feed 2 people.


This is the spring blossom bread which is inspired by the Taiwanese spring onion pancake. This is very popular in Taiwan as well as in Singapore. The taste of the spring onions are strong but was not really incorporated into the bread itself. It was not as nice as I have expected


The durian bread which is a Singapore exclusive had strong durian smell but had very little durian fillings. The durian paste was creamy enough and the bread soft but the filling was only a small strip in the centre.


The chocolate bun is not too bad with enough chocolate chip and a slightly hard crust and soft bread. The other chocolate loaf bread was much nicer but this was half the price so it was good enough.


This was the mentaiko bread which I find extremely disappointing. There was hardly any mentaiko taste although the bread is very soft.


Lastly, I tried the Financier but they were absolutely disappointing as there was no hint of almond at all. I understand that they tried to include their exclusive flavours in the pastry like longan and litchee but the financier totally lost its origins. If this was given a different name, I would have given it a better review as a very tasty buttery cake. However, named as a financier, this really doesn’t give the pastry the honour it deserves.

Overall, my review is similar to the one I gave for the Taipei outlet where the bread they sell tastes nice with interesting flavours. There are some better one than others like the garlic and the chocolate ones but these are again not unique as there are many other bakeries in Singapore with equally good bread. The one thing that did not sit very well with me was really the price of their bread. With their champion bread selling for SGD 20 and most bread from SGD 3 – 4, I wonder if the crowd visiting them can be sustained.

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-19/20 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

Operating hours: 8.30 am to 9 pm



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