Ippudo Tokyo Airport

Whenever I come to Japan, it is always a mad rush to go to the airport as we always try to fit last minute shopping but this round we managed to reach the airport rather early as we took the airport limousine bus which had a fixed schedule. Reaching the airport early has a few advantage as you can take your time to shop at the duty free shops and also check out the food outlets here. You can check out my other post 8 last minute things to buy from Fa So La duty free shop in Narita Airport


In our attempt to have our last bowl of Japanese ramen before getting on the flight, we decided to go to Ippudo to have lunch. The restaurant is a self service concept restaurant where you get your own seats, order at the counter, collect your food and also clear your used bowls


There are some counter seats but mostly are table group seating. The restaurant is not very big so if you have a trolley with you, it is recommended to leave them at the side or outside the restaurant



There are a few kinds of ramen from Ippudo; this is the original flavour with only the Tonkatsu broth and no other flavours added. The original flavour has a milky broth which has strong taste from the pork bones.


The one I ordered was the Tonkutsu soup base with black sesame oil which has a deeper taste because of the sesame oil. It has a nutty flavour which complements the Tonkatsu broth very well. There is also a spicy version which we did not order

Overall, Ippudo ramen has good ramen and is very satisfying as a meal before getting onto your flight. Even though the restaurant is self service, the staff are still very polite to every customer needs. There is also complimentary water provided






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