8 last minute things to buy from Fa So La duty free shop in Narita Airport

Japan has one of best snacks and delicate delicious cakes in Asia. Last minute shopping at Narita airport always burns a huge hole in the pockets but still you should never board the plane without these items

  1. Tokyo Banana

This is like one of the most famous snack from Japan so much so it is just called Tokyo banana.. It is made of vanilla cake with a banana custard filling. The cake is very soft and fine and the filling has a nice banana natural flavour

2. Matcha cake from Ginza


This is a new addition to the Tokyo banana series. This is the matcha cake from Ginza. The filling of the cake is matcha cream and red bean paste. This combination is so good that it is currently my favourite from the series.

3. Kobe Cream Cheese Cake

This next item is something that I have seen many times but did not get down to trying it. Somehow this trip I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did.


When you unbox the cake, it looks very unappealing compared to the usual Japanese snacks. When you slice into it, you can feel the thickness and how dense the cake is. The cheese is thick and sweet yet not over powering. As a cheesecake lover, this totally hit all the right notes. In fact it reminds me of the thick cheesecake from Hilton hotel which till date is the best heavy cheese cake for me. I will be buying this the next time I am in Japan.

4. Matcha Swiss Roll Cake


All green tea lovers would love this cake. It is as simple as it gets, Swiss roll with fresh cream and vanilla cream.


The flavours were fabulous with the right amount of green tea bitterness and fragrance and the right amount of sweetness from the fresh cream. Although I would have loved for the cake to be a bit finer, the chiffon was still very soft and nice

5. Special Favour Pocky


We are used to the chocolate and strawberry flavours of Pocky since our childhood but Japan up the game with unique exclusive flavours. The current ones they have is the Kyoho grapes, melon and green tea flavours which are like the jello on sticks. It taste just like those Japanese jello gummies that are so good.

6. Juchheim Baumkuchen cakes


The Baumkuchen cake is a dense layered cake which is very light on the palate. It is not greasy like other butter based cakes. This would be the perfect gift to buy home and enjoy during tea break.

7. Tokyo Milk and Cheese Factory Biscuits


Cream cheese has always been the weakness for me. When you put that between 2 pieces of buttery melt in your mouth biscuits, you have the most luscious and guilty piece of snack on hand. This is so good you can end up finishing an entire box!

8. Yoku Moku – Butter Cigars


Lastly, in the same family as those melt in your mouth buttery biscuits, these come in the form of a cigar stick. There are a few different flavours like original, coffee and chocolate. These are the perfect companion to a cup of english tea.

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