Special Breakfast Store – 特别早餐店

This is not so much of a review and more of a piece to share the experience of the localised breakfast culture in Taiwan. Different countries have very different culture when it comes to breakfast. In Japan and Korea, most of them have cooked rice with side dishes at home while in Western countries you will get the usual sandwiches and bacon and eggs combo. In Singapore you have kaya toast and eggs and in Hong Kong you get congee and dim sum. So when in Taiwan, I finally decided to go try out the breakfast that all local working Taiwanese have in the morning before going to work.


There are many breakfast shops like this one especially near to main office working areas. Some of the items you can find on the menus of such stores include sandwiches but the more localised ones are the egg crepes. Both the sandwiches and egg crepes comes with a variety of toppings like ham and egg, bacon and cheese and more.


The setup of these breakfast stores is very simple and usually consist of the main order counter backed by the open styled kitchen. They will also carry a few portable tables and chairs to set it up in front of the store on the walkway for customers who wants to eat there but most of their customers order take away.


Within the small space you can see the owners make your breakfast as well as your beverage. They offer a wide range of beverage in this surprising small unit.


Like the locals, I ordered a egg crepe with ham and egg filling and a cup of soy bean drink.


The crepe was pan fried till golden brown and crispy while the fillings of the ham and egg was warm and nice. The combination of the think crispy crepe with the fillings was great. Although the breakfast items were simple but they were very satisfying for breakfast yet light enough to not spoil your appetite for lunch.

I will recommend to at least try to get breakfast at one of these local breakfast stores to experience the Taiwanese way of life.

Address: No. 86, Minsheng E Rd,, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491







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