Sometimes, you find the most interesting cafes hidden in the neighbourhood malls and I happened to chanced upon this wallet friendly French cuisine cafe. Many people think of French cuisine as a meal which is expensive and extremely small servings but Saybons is here to prove you wrong. With a concept of French casual dining, Saybon aims to serve fresh and hearty meals with affordable prices to the masses.


The menu is fairly simple with a few main categories like salad, soup, crepes, mains and desserts.


The entire cafe itself is simple and clean in design with a splash of color used ingeniously on their walls and furniture. They have both settings for big groups as well as small groups.


The cafe is a self service concept where you will be given a buzzer to collect your food and you are also expected to clear your table and bring the tray to the return area.


You can also design your own salad with their salad bar which has quite a few ingredients options.


For those who prefer the comfort of their home can also grab their soup packs and heat it up at home.


The salad is served in a brown box which is great for recycling although it would have been great if they used wooden utensils as well. The use of straws are also discouraged although they do provide if you ask them for it.


The salad serving itself is consider normal for the price of SGD 9.50 although the chicken breast meat itself is slightly dry. I liked that it is not over seasoned with a tinge of herb marination and complemented the sesame dressing very well. The vegetables were crunchy and fresh which was the general standards expected for a salad.


As a risotto lover, I cannot resist ordering the prawn bisque risotto at SGD 17.90. The price is higher for this and they made up for it by serving ample prawns and salmon. The dish itself came with salmon chunks as well as prawns and a very rich seafood broth. The rice was cooked nicely with a creamy texture and still a good bite unlike some risotto where it turns too mushy. The broth was also very flavourful with nice seafood umami taste.


The prawns given were huge and succulent so it kind of made the pricing acceptable.

Overall, Saybons is a pretty nice cafe to enjoy palatable French food and not burn a hole in your wallet.

Address: Junction 8 Mall, 9 Bishan Place #02-43, 579837

Operating hours: 10 am to 9.30 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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