Macdonald’s new crispy chicken

Together with the re-introduction of the chocolate pie, MacDonald have launched their new crispy chicken with a series of enticing ads. This is not the first time MacDonald crossed the territory and introduced chicken menu; they had the Har Jiong Gar drumlets during the festive season and buttermilk chicken burger which is now a permanent menu. Both these items were nice but still they could not take over the fried chicken title from the other brands.


So after looking at those salivating ads, I decided to try the new crispy chicken. Together with the new item, they reintroduced the curly fries and chocolate pies which are 2 sure winners to complement the crispy chicken. This shows MacDonald is serious about the fried chicken business.


The a la carte order comes in box of 2 crispy chicken pieces. The box packaging is quite typical of MacDonald with it’s cute chicken mascot.


At first sight, the chicken resembled the ones you get at ‘friendly uncle’ which the skin closely looking like the original recipe ones. The chicken slices are boneless and are the size of a small piece of steak. First thought that came to my mind was that they must have used chicken breast and it would end up being dry. Examining the box, I was pleased there was no extra oil splattered across the box so the pieces felt well drained of excess oil.


Digging into the chicken slices, you can immediately see the meat juices and slight layer of oil flowing out. This was not a sight of fattening oil flowing out but more of the golden juices that complemented the chicken well. The meat used was either tight meat or drumstick meat but de-boned. The meat itself was very tender and succulent and it was not overly oily to create a overwhelming feeling in your stomach. The skin was crispy with balanced seasoning and it was not too salty compared to some other fried chicken.

Overall, MacDonald has finally introduced a worthy opponent to join the battle of the fried chicken and the fact that it is boneless, there is a slight edge for lazy customers like me. If you allow me to do a comparison, I would think it is very close to a certain Z burger of “friendly uncle’ minus the spiciness. Now you can enjoy a good meal of fried chicken from MacDonald as well.

Author: elizbeartravel

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