Ramen Champion

Ramen Champion started in 2015 at Bugis Plus with the concept of bringing famous ramen stalls from all over Japan to customers in Singapore. Yearly since 2011, Ramen Champion has been organising competitions to determine the king of ramen for that particular year. From 22 brands to only 5 -6 stores from the local outlets take part in this competition. From their first outlet in Bugis Plus to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to their youngest outlet at Central, they have a total of 3 outlets offering ramen, rice bento, Shabu Shabu as well as other traditional Japanese dishes.


From an only ramen concept outlet to a full fledge Japanese restaurant, Ramen Champion has evolved into a cosy family friendly restaurant which has all kinds of dishes to satisfy everyone’s cravings. The outlet at Central is separated into 2 areas, one area dedicated to customers having their Shabu Shabu buffet and the other area for their a la carte diners.


The menu has a huge variety of dishes and the pricing is also pretty reasonable.


Like other Japanese restaurants, they have the usual sesame, pepper, chilli powder as well as fried onions for you to add to your ramen.


The salmons in 4 kinds don has Ikura, seared salmon, raw salmon as well as minced salmon with sauce accompanied with a huge dollop of wasabi. The salmon is fresh and sweet and the servings are quite generous with the rice. The don also comes with miso soup.


The vegetable ramen with miso soup base is refreshing and light and is very tasty even without meat. The ramen noodles are very springy and pairs well with the soup and corn.


One of my favourite ramen is the Tsukemen which is dipping noodles invented by legendary Chef Kazuo. This was his solution to having hot noodles on the go by separating the broth and the noodles. In order for the noodles to carry the taste of the broth, most Tsukemen sauce is made thicker and salty so when you slurp noodles dipped into the sauce, you can taste the sauce coating the noodles. Normally after you finish the noodles, you can choose to add clear broth to the Tsukemen sauce to make it into the usual Ramen soup. The Tsukemen here comes with a lime and with the lime added to the dipping sauce, the entire bowl of becomes extremely refreshing with the tangy after taste.

Overall, Ramen Champion has many quality dishes and a great variety for big groups of families. The Shabu Shabu buffet looks very popular but I have not tried it yet. The ramen sold at Ramen Champion are all of good quality although the rest of dishes are equally tasty.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-89, Clark Quay Central, 059817

Operating hours: 11 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm


Author: elizbeartravel

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