Yi Dou Hua

We passed this shop purely by chance and I remember reading about this store online from any blogs and decided to just pop over to try their bean curd pudding.


Yi Dou Hua has many outlets and serves traditional bean curd pudding with a twist. Most of the outlets are pretty small and mostly caters to take away.


Some of the more modern twist include sesame paste with bean curd pudding, mango bean curd, durian bean curd, red bean with bean curd pudding, as well as ginger bean curd pudding. One of the item on the menu caught our eye and it was the soy sauce bean curd pudding.


We had the almond bean curd pudding which we found it to be not as soft as the ones we had at Kung Wo. The bean curd pudding is softer than the ones we have in Singapore but it is lacking the natural fragrance of the soy bean.


The soy sauce bean curd was very savoury and for some reason very comforting. Although the bean curd pudding is not as smooth and fragrant but the combination of the soy sauce and the bean curd pudding was amazing wonderful. It tasted a lot like the salty bean curd drink in Taiwan and somehow like a savoury porridge which is good when your appetite is poor.

Personally, we choice for bean curd pudding in Hong Kong is still Kung Wo for the smoothness and fragrance. If you ask me for the best, it will be at Lau Tau Island, but for the ones within reach will be Kung Wo. However, it is indeed an acquired taste to try the soy sauce bean curd pudding as it might just grow on you.

Address: Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei, Man Ming Ln, 11-13號地舖

Operating hours: 9.30 am to 10.30 pm

Nearest Station: Yau Ma Tei MTR Exit C

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