5 interesting things to do in Taiwan

Most people think that the only things to do in Taiwan is to eat and shop non stop but there are so many interesting experiences and activities to be done in Taiwan that most tourist would not think of doing.

1. Visit a Karaoke


With Taipei being the center stage for Mandarin POP, why not join them all with your own little stage. The fastest to equip themselves with the latest favorite songs from the weekly charts or latest albums, you will be sure to find that latest song you heard from the radio. One of the more popular one is Cashbox Partyworld which owns an entire building for karaoke. Checking in to the reception, you feel that you are checking into a hotel. Most of the rooms are huge and spacious with their own private toilet and lots of party materials for you to have a blast of a night. You can easily sing for hours with a bill of less than SGD 30 per person.

Address: No. 55號, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

Operating hours: 10 am to 7 am

2. Visit a night market


With as many of 15 or more night markets in Taipei alone, there is no reason why you shouldn’t visit one. With different markets focusing on different commodities and different customers, there is definitely one night market for you. You can enjoy all the famous food of Taipei just with 1 visit to the night market as well as buy very affordable clothes, accessories or bags at some other night markets. These are so important that the main customer groups of such local markets are Taiwanese.

3. Climb Elephant Mountain


Join the throngs of hikers and locals and hike up Elephant mountain to get the best view of the Taiwan Skyline.


When you reach the viewing platform, you can see the entire city view of Taipei as well as the famous Taipei 101 building. On good days, you get a clear blue view of the city and bad days, the entire sky will be slightly foggy blocking the top of the building.

4. Light a sky lantern


In the ancient Chinese world sky lantern was invented because a war strategis wrote pleas of help on the lanterns when he was surrounded by enemies. Since then, the lanterns haven known to carry ypur wishes up to the sky in the hopes of heaven granting them. Just an hour outside of Taipei at Jiufen or Shifen or Pingxi, offers every tourist to do this with TWD 150 to 200 depending on the lantern materials. There are 4 sides to the lantern so you can write different wishes on the different sides and release them to the sky.

This is so popular there is even a sky lantern festival in March where hundreds of lanterns are released into the sky.

5. Make your own spring onion pancake

Just an hour drive outside of Taipei, Sanxing town is famous for its huge juicy and fragrance green spring onions. Usually well sought after for all Chinese dishes, this is the main hero to any good green shallots pancakes. When you visit the farms in Sanxing, you can experience the plucking of your own onions from the fields, washing them clean and getting a cooking lesson on making your very own onion pancakes with the onions you picked! The entire experience cost only TWD 300.

As it is not that convenient travelling around farms, it is best to engage a local driver to bring you around Sanxing.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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