Tiger Sugar Bubble Tea

Taiwan the birth mother of bubble tea. From a simple plain milk tea drink with pearls made of flour, this drink has now evolved into something much more. From salted cheese cream teas to fresh fruit teas to the latest craze of brown sugar bubble tea. The brown sugar bubble tea has hit Asia like a storm and you see long queues all over Asia for these happiness in a cup.

The one who started it all with brown sugar pearls with fresh milk in Taiwan is the Tiger Sugar Bubble tea. In the past year, Tiger has been gaining popularity amongst locals as well as tourists. With many outlets in Taipei, each outlet is simple and straight forward.

Cartons of fresh milk being delivered every day for the thousands of cups being sold. The brand of milk looks like a local Taiwanese brand.

There are 2 options; the brown sugar large pearl and the mini pearl with the same fresh milk. The brown sugar was sweet and flavourful with a slight caramelised taste while the milk was thick and creamy. When mixed, the drink was perfect in terms of sweetness. The big pearls were more chewy then the small ones while the small ones were small enough to be drunk together with the drink without much chewing. Personally I preferred the smaller pearls and this is indeed the best brown sugar fresh milk tea.

Address: 1/F-7, No. 96, Yizhong Street

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Bonus: Xin Fu Tang

We walked a few steps from Tiger Sugar and saw this Xin Fu Tang bubble tea which many bloggers rave about and decided to buy 1 cup as comparison.

They only had 1 kind of brown sugar fresh milk tea and most of their menu focuses more on fruit tea.

The brown sugar tasted good on its own but once mixed with the milk, you can hardly taste it and it was overpowered by the milk. The pearls were also too starchy and tasteless. Our verdict was that Tiger wins hands and feet down.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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