Sunny Hills Pineapple tart

Talking about pineapple tarts, Singaporean are no stranger to this national favourite especially during the season of Chinese Lunar New Year. While many tourist come to Singapore to buy pineapple tarts, Taiwan is also well known for their pineapple tarts due to the sweet and delicious pineapples grown locally in the Taiwanese farms. Sunny Hills is one of the more modern gourmet brands selling pineapple tarts in Taiwan.


The brand started in Nantou county in Taiwan in 2008 and only uses premium pineapples grown on their own Sunny Hills estate farms. With premiums ingredients, the skin of the tarts are buttery and fragrant with a crumbly texture while the pineapple is sweet with a semi tangy balance. The main store called Sunny Hills on the park is located in the Songshan district offers an exclusive VIP treatment.


Every customer who enters the store is treated to a tasting set and seated at these huge wooden modern tables with chic lighting and simplistic décor.


Each tasting set includes 1 pieces of pineapple tart and a cup of their signature oolong tea nicely served in a wooden modern tray.


As mentioned above, the crust is buttery and crumbly while the pineapple is moist, sweet and tangy all at the same time. Each piece is bigger than the usual pineapple tart and can be quite filling. The cup of tea is perfect for pairing with the tart as it washes down the crumbly remains in your mouth.


After tasting the tart and tea, you can slowly browse around the store to look at the items they sell. There is no pushy sales person so you can take as long as you wish. There are even customers sitting at the tables chit chatting after tasting the tarts. There is a wider range of items offered here at the flagship store like the honey crispy biscuit which looks and taste like a waffle biscuit, various kinds of Taiwanese tea, gift boxes as well as the pineapple tarts in boxes of 10s and boxes of 16. The box of 10 cost TWD 420 while the box of 16 costs TWD 670.

Other than the flagship store, you can purchase Sunny Hills at the takeout counter at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Taoyuan International airport but only limited items are available at the takeout counters. My suggestion is to visit the flagship store at least once to experience the Sunny Hills hospitality. For those who are not travelling to Taipei soon, Sunny Hills has a counter at Takashimaya as well  be prepared as the items are about 30% more expensive in Singapore.

Address(Flagship): 1F., No.1, Alley. 4, Lane. 36, Sec. 5, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

Operating hours: 10 am to 8 pm



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