Yong He Dou Jiang

A typical breakfast in Taiwan would involve either porridge with fried vegetables and meat and pickled vegetables or fried fritters with soy bean milk. When you talk about soy bean milk in Taipei, the most famous one with the most number of outlets throughout Taiwan should be Yong He Dou Jiang.


This outlet at Ximending is pretty tiny and the number of seats is very limited. In fact, the owners are not exactly the friendliest. Most of the signs are in Chinese which states that customers will have to order at the counter before taking a seat. We saw many foreigners who took a seat before ordering and got told off by the owner.


There are a few main items offered here which you will definitely order to try. The sweet soy bean milk drink as well as the salty soy bean milk. As an accompaniment, you can order the fried fritters for dipping.


Most of the time the fried fritters are dipped into the sweet soy milk for the fritters to absorb the milk before eating it. To our disappointment, the fried fritters were soft and not crispy enough while the sweet soy milk was up to standard. The salty soy milk is kind of like an acquired taste which has salted vegetables, pieces of fried fritters as well as onions and parsley included. It tasted more like a savoury soup or porridge with strong soy bean curd taste.


The other item everyone has for breakfast is this shao bing, which has a crispy toasted texture similar to baked flour dough with sesame seed flavour. You can choose the ingredients to be placed inside the shao bing and we chose the egg and luncheon meat. You can see this as a sandwich but instead of bread, the wrap is a traditional Chinese biscuit dough.

Other items include the flour crepe where you can also choose the ingredients as seen in my picture. It is basically a salty flour crepe with any ingredients you choose which is like a crepe sandwich. Some other items they offer which we did not offer include the xiaolongbao, fried noodles and steamed buns. The items offered for breakfast is very affordable and usually everyone finishes their breakfast rather quickly and leave which explains the small seating area. This is definitely not a place to hang out and enjoy breakfast slowly as the owners will clear your plates once you are done.

Address: No. 102 Section 2 Fuxing South Road, Daan District,  Taipei

Operating hours: 24 hours

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