Nameless Pork Chop Rice

I discovered this place purely by chance as we were walking around the area while waiting for our turn at Wu Lao hot pot. We were walking in one of the smaller lane when this queue caught my eye and we decided to explore the store. The small shop was a hole in a wall with no signboard or name.


Simply by looking at what they offered, which is pork chop rice and mixed beef rice, we decided to join the queue. While queuing, I was searching the internet and found no reviews except for 2 on Chinese sites and this is apparently so good that it gets sold out very fast. The auntie queuing in front of us offered us more intel by saying this is the best around here and the pork chop gets sold out easily.


We queued for about 25 – 30 mins as the owner will only cook each order one by one slowly with detail and there is also very limited area to sit customers so all customers are expected to share tables and only occupy the seat you need. Do come here with minimal baggage. The shop itself is very down to earth with zero furnishing; in fact it feels like you are eating straight from somebody’s kitchen. Most of the orders are for take outs as the seats were really limited.


The owner and his wife are the only ones managing this stall and he cooks the beef by batches with fresh ingredients while the pork chop is pre-cooked which explains the limited quantity. According to the menu, they serve a whole lot of other dishes but everyone is here either for the pork chop or the beef rice.


The food is also served in non identical bowls and plates so it really feels like you are dining in someone’s house. The rice is topped with braised cabbage and a over easy egg and the pork chop is served separately.


Upon order, the owner will ask if you need chilli so we opted for little chilli. The chilli is quite spicy but provided a layer of spicy flavours to the meat. The meat itself was succulent and tender with the marinated juices emitting from each bite. The chops were lightly coated with flour before fried and cooked in the marinate as you can taste the thin crispy skin saturated with sauce. This was a simple yet addictive meal when paired with the runny egg and vegetables.


The next popular dish is the fried beef rice with cabbage, the vegetables can be replaced depending on availability as the original vegetable is supposed to be kai lan. With an over easy as well, the beef rice came soaked with thick gravy from the fried beef and vegetable. Accordingly to my friends, the beef was very tender and the flavours were well mixed with the soft vegetables and onions. This was also a simple yet good dish but comparing the both, the pork chop is still the winner.

Since there is no name to this, I will provide some directions on how to get here.


You can get out from Zhong Shan Station Exit 6.


Cross the road and you will see this alley. Just continue to walk straight and you will find the store near the green sign on the left. If all else fails, follow the google map link below

Address: No. 4, Chifeng Street, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103

Operating hours: 12 pm to 2 pm and 5.30 pm to 8 pm ( Closed on Sat and Sun)

Google Map Link

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