Pizza Hut Oxford Street

What do you do when you shop till the last store on Oxford Street closes and all restaurants are closed? Find the Fast Food except this Pizza Hut outlet feels more like a bistro than a Fast Food Outlet

Located right next to Primark at the East end of Oxford Street, this pizza hut closes at 11 pm which is an hour past Primark’s closing time. Many shoppers flock here for their late dinner or simply to get a take out.

The restaurant itself is located at the basement floor with the familiar red lighted pizza hut logos all over the walls

The kitchen is a half open concept and many items on the menu are self serve like the soft drinks from the drinks machine and salad from the salad bar

We were recommended to take a set costing £16.80 per person for a main and a starter and a drink and salad. Not considering the currency exchange, this is definitely a set with great savings. You have the standard selection of soda from the touch screen soda machine with some odd cherry sprite flavours as well and you can drink as much as you need to as drinks are refillable. However, bottle drinks are served and charged per bottle. As we are there at 10 pm, most of the salad bar has closed and we are left with limited choices like potato salad, mix of salad leaves, corn, cucumber, chips and some olives.

Our first starter was the cheesey bites which essentially is melted cheese inside toasted garlicy bread. This is very good when served hot as the cheese is soft and has a good pull and string. This can be rather filling

We also had the fried chicken tenders which is quite general with chunks of dry chicken breast meat

We added a basket of onion rings which I found very general as well. It tasted like the usual you find in fast food places

Lastly my main which was the mac and cheese with pulled chicken. The mac and cheese was very creamy but at the same time a little watery. The cheese flavour was pretty light and it would have tasted better heavier. The chicken was literally shreds and baked till crispy so you could hardly taste it. In my opinion, the dish was quite mediocre.

Overall, the meal is not impressive but a good warm comfort for the stomach when all the restaurants are closed. Macdonalds would probably be cheaper but the meals are probably cold. One thing to point out was that they had great service and the server serving us was extremely sweet, attentive and patient

Address: 523 Oxford St, Mayfair, London W1C 2QJ, UK

Operating hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Nearest station: Marble Arch

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