Silver Kris Lounge London Heathrow

This is my 2nd time using the airport lounge services after getting my membership and while our time in the airport was pretty much spent in the stores, I managed to zip by the lounge for a quick refreshment and review of the lounge at London Heathrow airport terminal 2.


The lounge is located on level 2 near the boarding gates for Singapore airports which is around gate B42.  The lounge itself is not very big and has counter seats for single passengers, booth seating for travelers who wish to work or rest in private as well as proper dining seats for travelers to have their meals.


The lounge is brightly lit and clean with very spacious and well maintained bathrooms.


The lounge offers jugs of fresh juices for travelers to replenish their fluids. There are some very unique concoctions like blueberry and zinc and cucumber and lemon infused water which is very refreshing and thirst quenching.


They also offer some very authentic sambal chicken with nasi lemak rice as well as some traditional British fare. The food is kept warm but the selection is quite limited


There is also toast section for hot bread and cold meats and sandwiches with cereal and milk. The canned beverages selection in the fridge is also very large with small 1 cup sized mini cans of various soda selection.

Overall, the lounge is a nice place to stop for a quick rest and quick bite but not that comfortable enough to rest for a long layover.

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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