Lao Huo Tang Marina Square

Broiled Soup is traditionally a Cantonese speciality and is made with many different types of ingredients. Cantonese strongly believe in having nutritious ingredients in the soup to replenish the energy in the body. Soup has since became a daily lunch choice in the modern Singaporean context and you can find broiled soup store in all hawker centres and food courts. Some of these stores really does their soup well with ample ingredients and thick and flavourful soup.


Luo Huo Tang has managed to make a name for themselves from having their first outlets within the food courts to dedicated speciality restaurants. Over in Marina Square, they have a huge variety of soup which cannot be found in the usual food courts. From the entrance of the restaurant, you can see the different types of soup they offer in these huge metal vats where the soup is cooked over medium fire for long hours.


Styled in a typical Chinese restaurant setting, the restaurant is brightly lit with many tables to cater to the crowd in the mall. Service is warm and very prompt while the tables are all cleaned very efficiently.


The prices are generally higher compared to the usual ones at the food court at SG 9 for the basic soups and $14 for some of the speciality soup. The soup I ordered was under he speciality category which is sea coconut chicken which is good for nourishing the lungs and throat.


The soup comes in a bigger earthen clay pot with an entire chicken leg and lots of ingredients. Typically the serving of the soup is huge enough to serve 2 or 3 persons and the best part is the soup is refillable but not the ingredients in the pot. So it will be great to visit with a few friends and order a few different soups and share with some side dishes. The soup here is very deep in flavour and is not ladened with MSG.


One of the side dish, the deep fried prawn roll is huge and juicy. Each roll was fried to crispy perfection.

This is a great place for a heathy nourishing lunch with a generally affordable price tag.

You can find the full menu here

Address: Marina Square Mall , #02-202

Operating hours: 10 am to 10 pm

Nearest MRT: City Hall, Esplanade, Promenade

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