Arteastiq Bistro

One of my favourite pastime is to spend an entire afternoon chilling at a nice café listening to my favourite music sipping on a nice cup of tea and just watching the world past. This next place is not new and has been around since 2016 but I only had the chance to drop by for a quick-lunch last week.


The café is very spacious and has a mixture of seating. The decor is a mix between modern Parisian and country with many warm tungsten drop lights and dried floral arrangements. The main area is made up of sofa seats against the wall and wooden chairs.  The colour tone of  black and white is brought to life with a splash of teal colour on the walls.


 The other portion of the café are the ones right next to the full length window. These are mainly huge low lounge sofa and table more suitable for just having beverages and desserts.


The menu has many brunch items as well as general western food choices like pasta, burgers and fish and chips. They do have some very interesting items like the Brioche bread with duck confit or crab cake. However, they do have a full tea menu like fruit tea, floral tea, Chinese tea, dessert tea and latte tea. Some of the very interesting names are like the fizzy earl grey, Captain Buntan which is Pomelo tea with Yuzu gelato and Lady Yang which is Lychee tea with Lychee gelato.


I ordered the Aphrodite – Crab Cake Breakfast which is basically crab cakes on toast brioche bread with soft-boiled eggs, paprika and hollandaise sauce. The dish came with baked asparagus and some rocket leaves. At SGD 25 for this dish, I found it slightly pricey.


While the price is on the high side, I found the bun very well toasted with the edges very crispy and the insides still pretty soft. The egg was very well done with the creamy yolk flowing down the bun when I poked at it with the knife. The crab cake which is supposed to be the star of the dish was slightly disappointing. It was a bit dry and cakey and the taste was quite flat.


The tea on the other hand is on a different level altogether. It is no wonder they pride themselves to be a boutique tea house. When my iced mint lemongrass tea arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the presentation.  Since I ordered an iced tea, I half expected it to just come in a tall glass but they presented it just like how they would for hot tea. The only thing was that both the teapot and teacup had ice cubes to make sure the tea was at the right chilled temperature. I would give the tea experience a 100 points given the tea had a strong mint and lemongrass flavour but yet not over powering. It was a perfect blend. Most of the tea was priced between the range of SGD 10 – SGD 14

My overall experience here was great. Although the breakfast fell short, I wouldn’t say it taste bad though. The service was also great and the food items were served very fast. I will definitely visit again but maybe to try the high tea set the next time. The high tea sets start from SGD 48 for 2 with 2 choices of gourmet tea and a set of 3 tier bite sized savoury and sweet items.

Address: Plaza Singapura New Wing, Level 3, Unit 70/72

Operating hours: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm


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