Aunty Fatso Cheese Prawn Beehoon – Malacca

The last trip, we visited Restoran Tong Sheng for their famous Cheesy Prawn Bee Hoon. As telephone bookings were limited, we ended up queuing for close to 2 hours to get a table. I will leave the review of that to another post. Not ready to put in another 2 hours for queuing, we searched around for another option. We read really good reviews online for Aunty Fatso and decided to make a reservations early this time round.


Auny Fatso is located in an indiscreet industrial new town with many cafes, shops and restaurants. The area is surprisingly popular with the locals. Parking lots were filling up fast during dinner time. We had our reservation at 6.30 pm and the queue has not started to form but stools were already set out ready for the crowd. We ordered only 4 dishes as we were relatively still full from our over-ordered lunch.


First up, the dish we came for : cheesy prawn bee hoon. They have 3 sizes and we ordered the medium size for 4 of us. The medium size came in a large dish with plentiful of soup/gravy. The bee hoon noodles were quite little for a medium size. If this dish is the only carbohydrate dish, it would have been insufficient.


The soup was watery with a strong creamy taste. It doesn’t really taste very cheesy. Instead, it reminded me very much of the crab bee hoon soup from Mellben restaurant in Singapore Ang Mo Kio. The only difference is that the soup is slightly thicker than the Mellben version. The prawns are huge and succulent but limited to 3 large ones chopped into quarters.


We had the lightly fried Qing Long vegetable with garlic. The vegetable is fried nicely with a crunchy texture. This vegetable is rarely available in Singapore and more popular in Malaysia.


The marmite chicken balls came in the form of boneless chicken chunks. The chicken chunks were fried and well coated with the marmite sauce evenly. This dish was scrumptious to my standards. I basically love marmite and i would say this is one of the best marmite dishes i have come across. If you are having it on it’s own, it would be too salty so this is highly recommended as a rice accompaniment.


The last dish was this very homely styled salted egg steamed tofu. This dish looks plain at first sight but the first mouthful was bursting with flavors. I could taste the salted egg with the bean taste of the tofu as well as the light sweetness of chopped prawns paired with the crunchy texture of the spring onions.  This is really a surprising dish that feels very comforting.


Lastly, i need to bring attention to this simple cup of goodness. This homemade Luo Han Guo drink is packed with yummy ingredients. The usual ones we get from outside taste pretty much like those jumbo sized pre-mixed syrups with some dried logans. This cup was totally different. You could taste the natural taste of the logans, white fungus and other nuts boiled several hours to create that pure healthy sweetness. There were also plenty of white fungus in one cup. One cup of this will bring down all the heatiness of this weather.

Aunty Fatso

Address: 39, Jalan klj 1, Taman kota laksamana jaya, 75000 Malacca, Malaysia

Contact: +60 12-611 6996

Operation Hours: 5 – 10 pm

Google map link

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