Fun Beerking

Every Korean drama addict knows what Chimaek means which is basically the combination of fried chicken with draft beer as a meal. This combo meal actually dates back to the 70s when a new draft beer gained traction and more people were having a beer and fried chicken together. Chimaek reached further heights during the 2002 World Cup as more people ordered fried chicken with beer to watch the game

There was a day in my Seoul trip when I was trapped in the hotel as my travel mate was sick so I stayed in and hardly went out except to buy food. On days like this, the first thing that came to my mind was to get some fried chicken to pig out in the hotel room

I roamed out to a nearby fried chicken restaurant which caught my eye with its bright neon sign and tantalising pictures of crispy fried chicken.

Located in the building just next to Egg Drop, the restaurant is on the 3rd floor which can be accessed by the lift just next to egg drop

It was around 9pm when I dropped by the restaurant to get my takeaway but the night was obviously still young as many locals were still hanging out at the restaurant. The space itself has a dark and warm atmosphere which was really suitable for drinking and chilling out after a hard day at work. Most of the seating areas are booth seats which allow privacy to their customers

They have quite a good variety of pub food on their menu although the main star was fried chicken. Some of the popular items are pizza, fried squid and fries, spicy rice cake and dried fish which is a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic drinks. For fried chicken, they have honey garlic, original, spicy, wasabi mayo, onion and green onion flavours to choose and you can even do a half-half combo. Those who prefer lighter meals can also opt for their soups, stews and salads

There were 2 of us eating since the sick travel mate can only stay in bed so we ordered 1 serving of the original and the honey garlic. We ordered the half-half version which cost KRW 21,900. We had the option of having it boneless since we were lazy to deal with bones. The chicken was packed nicely into plastic takeout boxes and served with side dishes. The original box had a serving of pickled water radish and chilli sauce. The original flavour was crispy and juicy but just a tad soggy since we took a while to return to the hotel room. In terms of flavours, the chicken was definitely very tasty

The honey garlic version came served with fried potato wedges, salad and pickled water radish. The honey garlic version was soft and sticky as all the chicken chunks were coated fully with the sauce. The sauce has a creamy sweet and savoury flavour which can feel slightly heavy. The chicken was not as crispy as the original one due to the sauce and personally, I liked the original one much better

Overall, the chicken from Fun Beerking is pretty good although not the best. However, I still think with the huge variety of food offered, it is a great place to drink and hang out since the other dishes do look quite tantalising on the menu. I would not mind visiting again and dining in the restaurant next time to try the other dishes

Address: 255 Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga, Jung-gu, Jeil Woohaeng Building 3rd floor, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: 4 pm to 3 am

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