Isaac Toast & Coffee Migliore

Issac Toast is definitely no stranger to Singaporeans as the first Issac Toast outlet opened in Singapore in the basement of Plaza Singapura Mall in 2018. The sad news however is that all Issac Toast outlets in Singapore have since closed. It seems that some of their outlets in Malaysia and the US have also closed but they still have close to 700 outlets in Korea. You can read my review at the Singapore outlet here

Now that I have the chance to travel to Korea again, I visited the same outlet at Dongdaemun where I had my first Issac Toast in Seoul. Located at a corner shop just opposite the Hyundai outlet malls, this Issac Toast outlet is a humble 2m by 2m space extremely popular with working adults grabbing their breakfast in the mornings

The space is quite tight with only enough moving area for 2 staff, the main grill and storage for food items. The menu is simple and straightforward with only 6 items. Ham and cheese at KRW 2,900, ham special at KRW 3,300, bacon best at KRW3,700, potato at KRW3,500, bacon and cheese bagel at KRW4,200 and bulgogi at KRW 4,400. This is just the menu at the Dongdaemun outlet, other bigger outlets like the Myeongdong one has more than 10 selection as well as beverages. I think there is coffee sold at this outlet as well but on a different printed-out menu

All sandwiches are made freshly when orders are put in, as this outlet is located in the tourist area, the 2 Ahjummas could understand basic English so ordering was not an issue. There are 2 hotplates, one for toasting the bread, one for the omelette eggs and another for ham and other ingredients

I managed to capture a short video on how the sandwiches were made on another day during my trip there. The view was partially blocked by a kid and I stopped filming as it got pretty crowded

We ordered the ham and cheese which comes with 1 slice of ham and cheese, fried omelette egg and cabbage salad with Issac sauce and tomato sauce. Each sandwich is packed into a waxed paper envelope which is made for convenient munching while on the go. It is best to eat the sandwiches while they are freshly made and hot as the bread will have a nice buttery toasted flavour and the ingredients are warm and delicious. The cabbage is a perfect fit for the sandwich with a refreshing crunch and tangy flavour from the sauce. The sandwich is very well-balanced and not greasy at all. I had a sandwich packed and eaten about 1 hour later and it was all soggy and slightly greasy although the flavours were still good

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone who is in Seoul to grab an Issac Toast for breakfast, it is totally worth it

Address: 43 Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Operating hours: 11am to 11pm ( i actually think they are open much earlier)

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