Champion Bolo Bun

I was waiting for a table at one of the Korean restaurants when I chanced upon this aesthetically pleasing store

Decked out in a minimalist Muji style, the store has a few simple signature rattan furniture pieces and a small counter to take orders. At this point, I was still unsure what the store was selling until I chanced on the cute neon sign on the side of the wall. Champion Bun is the first bolo bun concept store in the world and their owner perfected their skills while understudying HK traditional cafes in Hong Kong

I quickly joined the queue as I remember seeing it on my group buys and I wanted to try it fresh. They have the classic bolo bun at SGD 4.50, classic with butter at SGD 5, 4 mini classics at SGD 4.50, curry potato at SGD 6 and breakfast containing spam and cheese at SGD 6.80. Note that the breakfast version is only available during weekends 8.30 am to 12 pm

I like how they have sample buns encased in these nice glass displays for people to see the size of each version of their bun being sold on the menu before they decide on their orders. Buns are baked fresh every 15 mins so customers are always guaranteed fresh buns without waiting for too long

Other than a takeaway counter, this concept store has a cafe on the 2nd floor which I did not visit. Photos were taken from the Champion Bun website. From the photos, I like how the minimalist modern concept is extended to their cafe but yet the cafe still embraces the traditional shop house elements in their design. I will definitely visit next time and enjoy the buns fresh as well as some of their signature drinks

Unfortunately, I had to get the takeaways as I was having lunch soon but I was glad they included heating instructions for customers to best enjoy the buns even at home

I like that the top of the bun was not overly crumbly as I have bought some other bolo buns and the top crumbles in the oven and the bun loses the essence

The crust of the bun has a perfect crunch without being too hard or crumbly. The crust has a nice sweet buttery flavour which goes perfectly well with the fluffy and soft white bread. Personally, I like the mini ones as I feel the ratio of the crust to bread is 100% perfect so you get a bite of the nice crust and bread with every bread. For the bigger ones, you tend to run out of crust so might be a better choice to go with the butter or curry version

Overall, I loved the bolo buns and definitely one of the best in Singapore; in fact, can match one of the better ones in Hong Kong. I would return and enjoy the buns at the cafe and try the other versions as well

Author: elizbeartravel

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