Smile Dessert

If you are a late-night owl, this will definitely interest you as Smile Dessert is open 24 hours and offers a huge range of desserts and snacks for the hungry at any time of the day.

Sitting on a premium spot within the Bugis area, you can spot Smile Dessert from a mile away with its prettily pink building just across the road from Bugis Junction

Due to the location, Smile Dessert is extremely popular amongst youngster who are mostly night owls so do not be surprised to see long queues even during wee hours of the morning. I was there at 11pm and the crowds were coming in as many of the other F&B outlets were closed

Other than being a 24 hours dessert shop, Smile Dessert really has many reasons to make their customers smile with many of such decorations and plushies dotted throughout the shop for customers to snap away on their phone cameras

They have a variety of ice desserts and drinks as well as traditional desserts like glutinous dumplings and sesame cream paste. There are also ice cream, waffles and cakes for those who prefer Western desserts. All customers will have to order at level one and make payment for their order before getting a buzzer, after which, they can move on to level 2 onwards for an available table. There will usually be a staff at each level to find you an available table. Do note that they only take cash payments at the cashier and card payment is not accepted

Each level has a different theme so you can choose the level you wish to sit in. The first level where the cashier is at is quite small and can only accommodate 5 tables. The decor is fairly simple with an overall pink design that aligns with the entire building design

The highlight for the 2nd level is the ball pool at the left side of the room lighted by blue neon lights. There are small tables within the ball pool for diners who are interested to sit inside the ball pool to take pictures or imagine they are a child all over again. Personally, I prefer not to as I think it is not that comfortable and you have to remove your shoes before stepping in.

3rd floor has more of a usual cafe setting while the 4th floor which is also the attic has more of a princess and relaxed setting with comfortable carpets and cushions on the floor for relaxing and chilling out

We ordered the smoothies as they were absolutely gorgeous looking and would look great in pictures. The mixed one is the dragonfruit and mango yoghurt shake while the pinkish one is the yoghurt and strawberry fruit tea. The green one is the Thai green caragana tea and all of them is priced at SGD 7.90. The green one is like lime juice and is pretty refreshing and on the sour side whereas the ones with the yoghurt were pretty filling. The shake was very thick and the natural taste of the fruits really stood out. I like that there was no unnatural sweetner flavours

For desserts, we had the mango love snow ice at SGD 18.90 which is quite pricey for the serving size

The ice was quite fine like other bingsu places and they have a good mix of mango fruit, some cornflakes crunch. The mango however was not as sweet as I feel it should be for bingsu, there was quite a soft sour after taste which I did not like. It was probably due to the season. However, for the price, I think it is not that worth it

We also had the black swan souffle which is black sesame mousse topped on a fluffy souffle with a side of vanilla ice cream and strawberries. The taste of black sesame is very light but creamy and the souffle is rather fluffy. I would prefer it to have a stronger egg taste

Lastly, we got the Tiramisu flavoured waffle which came with vanilla ice cream, chocolate powder. The waffles were decent in taste but not crispy enough

Overall, I think the atmosphere is really nice to chill and hang up with friends and the greatest plus point is that it is open 24 hours and the menu variety is quite large. While the drinks and desserts are quite general in taste, they are quite pretty for pictures. The price for some items are pricey than usual but there are still pocket friendly choices. Do note that they tend to run out of traditional hot desserts later in the night or past midnight

Address: 534 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188749

Operating hours: 24 hours

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