And So Forth

When you are constantly looking for new dining experiences, theatrical dining could just be the right thing for you. The brainchild of founders Emily Png and Stuart Wee, Andsoforth aims to present immersive dining by combining a theatrical storytelling performance with food and drinks

I remember first reading about them when they launched but quickly forgot about visiting them until my dining buddies brought it up. We quickly made a booking as there was limited capacity per session. Located along the same street as Wheeler’s Yard, it can be quite difficult to find Andsoforth as it is located within a factory warehouse building

We only managed where it is located from this poster, without this poster, I think most of their customers will be lost and looking for a way to enter

The entrance to the session is located on the 3rd floor so some climbing is required. Do not be late as they admit everyone at the same time when the session starts and if you arrive too late, you might not be able to enter as your time group might have moved on. The staff will take attendance at the doorway and pass you a booklet with a brief explanation of the whole workshop

As you walk through the main gates, be prepared to be transformed into a theatrical world. It would help if you immerse yourself in the atmosphere and be as responsive as you can to the staff for a great experience. Before entering, each participant is given a number tag so you can stand or sit at the spot allocated to your number

The workshop we attended was based on the novel Around the world in 80 days, so we started off in a London Theatre. The staff started by giving us a summary of the storyline which we will follow throughout the workshop. The first course of the dining experience started with a cocktail making session so you can make your own alcoholic cocktail

The staff will go through step by step slowly to ensure everyone is able to follow, they will also make jokes and interact with the participants. For non-alcoholics, you can tell them during booking and they will make an arrangement for a non-alcoholic version on your table. The whole experience is the same even without the alcohol

Next, we were ushered into a room which is decorated like the cabin of a ship. The staff was also dressed accordingly to the theme which all follows the storyline. Again we were all seated according to our numbers with sufficient safe distancing. We are allowed to bring the cocktail and sip it while having our food but we will have to finish it before moving to the next room

This is the first room where you can have proper hot food and at the same time, they will also teach you some knot tying skills

The first hot dish served was the seafood gumbo which is kind of like a stew with a slice of toasted bread. The bowl was a small 1 person serving with a piece of mussel, prawn, squid and some clams. It is a somewhat light consistency with a reasonable seafood bisque type of flavour. Nothing too spectacular

I am leaving out some of the main experiences to not spoil the show for those who are interested, instead, I will skip to the food which was served throughout the journey. The next few items I had was a Chicken masala pita wrap which was quite delicious, a dim sum and mixed bean noodles set which was just ok and nothing too special. Next, we had a soft shell crab don with a small glass of sake which was very yummy and crispy. The last which was dessert was ice cream with frozen popcorn which was very refreshing and crunchy

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Andsoforth, not so much because the food was fantastic but because the entire journey was quite fun and engaging. The staff was consistently in good spirits and there were many interactive sessions to make you feel like the characters in the story. Coupled with the food from different cuisine and different rooms with the different decorations, it is not difficult to feel immersed. There are also some surprises I totally enjoyed during the entire workshop which I will keep a mystery. Visit them for the experience and not so much for the food

Address: 10B BENDEMEER ROAD #22-121

Due to the nature of the business, reservations or booking of tickets are required and more information on timeslots will be provided. Find out more here

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