La Fez

I chanced upon an article on this café due to its very pretty in pink internal décor and decided to head there for a look. I have never tried Moroccan food in Singapore so I was also quite interested to try their food offerings

Nestled along a row of shop houses of spa and eateries, La Fez beacons with its pastel pink and arched doorways and customers can easily find themselves attracted to the entrance

A mix between an exotic vibe with its Moroccan inspired arched doorways decorated with opulent gold furnishing and a pretty princess palace with its saccharine pastel pink walls, the interiors of the La Fez is unusually warm and bewitching. Complete with rattan chairs and palm trees, the café does give out strong Marrakesh feels

The internal space is long in terms of layout but incredibly spacious even with a huge drinks and desserts counter just in the center of the café. There is a good space in between tables for you to feel relaxed and private

While the interiors are beautifully done, the menu was quite amateurly printed on flimsy thin paper and banded with thread. Ignoring the aesthetics, there is a all day brunch menu as well as typical Moroccan dishes

We were served with ice water in these beautiful glasses with crystal detailing completing the whole rich Mediterranean experience

Opting for their mint tea, we were also served in the traditional Moroccan brass teapot set

As we visited after dinner, we were not exactly hungry so we decided to order some sample dishes for tasting. The tomato soup and bread came served in their exotic pottery serving dishes. Taste wise, the soup has a good tangy flavour and thick creamy consistency which remained very light on the palate. The bread was cold and slightly dry but was ok if you dip it in the soup. It would have been perfect if the bread was warmer

We had a side of roasted curried cauliflower which has quite a full bodied curry spice infused on the vegetables. The cauliflower was well roasted and soft enough to still have a crunch

Lastly, we also ordered the chicken meatballs which were served in a earthen tagine serving pottery bowl which is key in Moroccan cuisine

The meatballs was doused generously in thick tomato based sauce with a poached egg in the center adding on to the creaminess of the sauce. The sauce was a perfect sauce with the meatballs but due to the fact that it was chicken, the meatballs were slightly dry as compared to the beef version which is highly raved on reviews

As we visited quite late, some of the popular desserts were sold out and the rest did not really speak to me so we will visit again next time during a proper meal time

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at La Fez partly due to the warm, relaxing environment and also the good service provided by the service staff who were consistently checking in with us to see if we were waiting for any dish or if we needed more water. In terms of food, I visited in April during their soft launch and the menu has since changed quite a fair bit but for those wanting to give Moroccan food a try, La Fez is definitely worth a visit

Address: 01-03A 907 E Coast Rd, Singapore 459107

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 9 pm ( Mon – Thu) 11.30 am to 10 pm ( Fri ) 9 am to 10 pm ( Sat ) 9 am to 9 pm ( Sun)

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