Star Wars Identities Exhibition

As Star Wars fans, we were very excited when the exhibition announced that they were coming to Singapore so we purchased the tickets pretty early to make sure we get a slot as strict restrictions are in place for visitors per session due to Covid 19.

Located within Art Science museum in Marine Bay Sands Expo, the exhibition is located on level 2 and if you did not purchase tickets online beforehand, you can also purchase them at the ticket counter at the basement of the building

The entrance of the exhibition is simple and clean with a huge Star Wars logo and the name of the exhibition “Identities” . To control the crowd, visitors are let into the exhibition by batches of not more than 20 ( My visit was in May before the heightened restrictions)

After checking on the tickets, each visitor is given a RFID wrist tag to wear on their wrist for an interactive exhibition experience. The moment you enter, you can scan into any of these ports to register the start of your journey

You will gather at a small area showing you an introductory video of Star Wars and main characters. Basically the concept of Star Wars for the rookie

You get to choose your race or species to start your searching for your Star Wars Identity. Some of the favourites would be the Ewok, Human and Wookee as you see a rush of the folks towards the same port to scan their wristbands

Next, you will see the things hard core fans will love which includes mini 3D figurines of all the characters from how they were conceptualized to the final product created for filming. There are also the life size costumes for the stormtroopers, actual filming set of the Droids R2D2 and 3CPO

This next station allows you to customise your character like the color of your fur or hair, height , eye color as well as your name

The next area is one of my favourites as they show the actual sketches of the artist from character development to scene story boards. The drawings and sketches were just so beautiful

Next you will get to choose your character journey with many more interactive stations, like the planet you grew up on, the career you choose, the main characteristics, friends and major events in your journey

These are some of my favourite exhibits for the entire exhibition; the real size Yoda, figurines of the Millennium Falcon, the ATAT walker, costumes of Leia, Amidala, Hans Solo, Darth Vader and Chewbacca

At the end of the Identities journey, you can scan in and view the character you have built with your name as well as the backdrop of your home planet

The screen will also show the main characteristics of the character your built with description on your major life events. While everyone character might share similar write up but there will be subtle differences so it is quite fun to see how you and your friend differs from one another. For those who wish to keep the results can have it sent to your email address via these stations

Lastly, what is an exhibition without merchandise. While the area is small, it is reasonably packed with Star Wars merchandise from magnets, postcards, T-shirts, plushies, exclusive mugs, Funko figures, books and even Star Wars Collab backpack with Herschel.

Overall, I totally enjoyed the exhibition and it was great that they added the interactive element to keep visitors engaged and excited since not all visitors are hard core fans and might find a pure exhibit of the show’s figurines and costumes entertaining enough. For me as a fan, it was definitely a MUST visit and I was never bored even for a minute. This is also suitable for family with young kids since the interactive elements were fairly easy for kids to follow through and it is never too young to bred a Padawan!

Address: Art Science Museum at Marine Bay Sands

Unfortunately the exhibition has ended at 23 July as it took me too long to upload this post

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