The Tiramisu Hero

Tiramisu Hero opened around the Jalan Besar neighbourhood in 2013 after a very successful launch online in 2012. It subsequently became one of the must go to cafes during the bloom of café hopping days in 2014 by their unique offering of a variety of tiramisu concoctions in jars

Located along a row of old shop houses converted into new businesses, Tiramisu Hero catches your attention with a man-made garden inspired front yard complete with a metal veranda intertwined with leaves

If you were expecting the same garden inspired décor for the interior of the café, you will be in for a surprise. While the slightly whimsical theme is followed through with the upside down ladders, the interior is more quirky and fun with heavy emphasis on their mascot cat hero named Sir Antonio as you can find wall murals, statues and figurines all over the café

Right at the entrance, you can find a small corner with environmentally friendly merchandise as well as some Sir Antonio designed merchandise.

We ordered latte and tea and was served in these cute Sir Antonio mugs which are also available for sell at the merchandise area.

The drinks are quite general and nothing too outstanding to point out

We had to order 1 tiramisu to try since the café was famous for them and they came in these cute mason jars wrapped with brown paper.

We ordered the lavender lemon flavour which is why the crème was this pretty pastel purple.

There was some dense cake cramped into the jar together with the lavender flavoured cheese and when I took my first bite, I was quite disappointed. The cake was dry and the mascarpone cheese was not creamy enough. I understand that it is meant to be light and refreshing but the cream turned out to be a little too solid and not flowy enough thus making the entire bite very dry. The flavours of the lavender and lemon also did not come through strong enough.

To be fair, the café is very innovative with their flavours and this might not be the best one so I would visit again and get their signature flavour a try again when I get the chance. The café also serves other hot dishes which I saw other customers having at other tables and they did look quite promising. Overall, I did like the atmosphere of the café and the staff were also very friendly and a bonus is their pricing is also pocket friendly.

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207548

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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