LAVO Italian Restaurant And Rooftop Bar

There are not that many rooftop restaurant and bar in Singapore with a great atmosphere and value for money food but there is one restaurant that received quite a number of good reviews which interested me. Located at the top floor at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Lavo is an Italian restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine complemented with the perfect night view of the Singapore skyline. Those looking for a romantic night out would find this a great venue but as they are highly popular, reservations need to be made way in advanced.

Situated at the tower 1 of the MBS hotel, there is a small reception counter at level 1 where you can check in for your reservations before you are allowed into the lift lobby.

Located on the same floor as the infinity pool, you can catch a glimpse of the famous pool and wonderful skyline of Singapore while entering the garden inspired patio of the restaurant which has endless photo spots.

There is another small service counter at the actual entrance of the restaurant where the servers will bring you to your table.

The restaurant itself is parted into different areas although there is no clear differentiation by furnishings. The first area you will see when you first enter the restaurant will be the lounge area which is filled with more low sofa seats and tables. The next area is the bar area where you can see the long counter bar seats as well as other booth seats.

The main dining area which is a few steps down from the bar area is filled with both booth seats and window seats. The entire restaurant is dressed in warm orange hues so it feels very cosy and welcoming.

The window seats has the clearest view of the skyline although the booth seats also has a partial view of the skyline. Personally, I think the booth seats is a much better choice compared to the window ones so do ask for a booth seat when doing your reservations.

We were served olive bread with a sundried tomato dip with some olives after placing our orders. The bread was cold and a bit dry in texture although I do like the tomato dip which has a nice balance of tangy and sweet flavours.

For starters, we had the spicy lobster bisque which was priced at SGD 25 which is somewhat standard for rooftop restaurant. I would have preferred if the serving was slightly more generous. The flavours were also quite mediocre with a very light seafood taste and kick of spice. The umami of the lobster did not come through in the bisque.

The nest dish we had was the charred octopus at SGD 29 which came with a side of celery and endives salad. The lemon half was grilled so the acidity was greatly reduced, leaving only the slight tangy sweetness of the lemon. The serving was 1 medium sized octopus tentacle which is small compared to other octopus dishes I had elsewhere. In terms of flavours, there was just sufficient charred flavour on the surface of the octopus leg while still keeping the flesh soft.

For mains, we had the Rossini which was grilled foie gras with truffle madeira sauce. At SGD 35, the serving of the foie gras was medium sized and came swimming in this thick brown truffle sauce. The foie gras itself was very well grilled and it has a nice light crisp crust but a melt in your mouth texture. The sauce however was a bit too overwhelming and ended up fighting for attention in state of complementing the foie gras.

We had to try the pasta to give a complete review for an Italian restaurant and decided on the penne seafood alfredo which was priced quite highly at SGD 41. It was supposed to come with prawns scallops and lobster butter although I could hardly find the scallops. The penne was cooked perfect al dente style which was too hard for my friend but good for me. The sauce was creamy and full of flavours although slightly on the salty side. Personally, this was indeed one of the star for the meal although the price tag was slightly high.

Lastly, we had the pistachio iberico pork chop which took awhile to prepare. Priced at SGD 52, the serving was quite huge so I would say the price point is quite reasonable. When served, I could smell the nice charred scent from the skin of the pork chop.

The pork chop sliced to show a rather well done pink colour flesh and the end nearer to the skin was also slightly dry. Dipping it in the brown sauce gave the meat the moisture it needed.

As you reach the inner portion of the pork chop, the flesh was slightly more reddish and definitely more moist with the meat juices. It was tastier as you got to the center of the chop even without the sauce as the meat was very well seasoned. Personally, the size of the chop was good for 2 to share and the longer you take to eat it, the meat loses the meat juice so It is best to tuck in the moment it is being served.

Finally, the view of the restaurant was awesome. There was an outdoor patio where customers can walk to and take pictures after their dinner which is pretty romantic as it is dimly lit and the entire Singapore night skyline is just in front of your eyes.

Overall, the restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and is perfect for a romantic date or special occasions. The servers are quite friendly and generally helpful although I was pretty disappointed at not being able to get a more spacious table given the number of dishes I ordered causing us to rush through some dishes to make way to others. In terms of food, the price tag for some of the dishes are high while some are reasonable and the pasta and the grill is definitely on point in terms of the taste while the rest can be better.

Address: MBS Hotel, 10 Bayfront Ave, Tower 1, Level 57, Singapore 018956

Operating hours: 11 am to 12 am ( from 12 pm on Sun for brunch)

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