Before Texas chicken and the world of Korean fried chicken was introduced to Singapore, there were only KFC, Arnold’s and the coffeeshop fried chicken stalls. Started out as a humble outlet at City Plaza, Arnold’s managed to hold its own against the global giant KFC for 30 years now to remain as many local’s favourite fried chicken brand.

With 5 outlets now, Arnold’s is still a place where families go to for their favourite fried chicken although competition is now stiff with all the new Korean fried chicken brands for young customers to choose from. This outlet at Bedok North is pretty spacious and comfortable to dine in.

Like all fast food restaurants, you can place your orders at the counter before collecting them at the collection counter.

They offer both combo meals as well as a la carte selections. The full menu can be found here . Personally, I really love their 1/2 spring chicken meal as it is almost the same price as the 2 piece meal but definitely has more chicken meat.

The wait for the chicken was pretty quick for about 5 – 8 mins and each meal was served on paper plates and fork and knifes although I ultimately used my hands to enjoy the chicken. Each meal comes with fries and coleslaw salad which is pretty similar to KFC.

The chicken is perfectly fried till golden brown and the skin is extremely crispy and flavourful. The key factor that makes it a winning chicken is the tenderness and juiciness of the chicken meat. Some other brands have dry meat with crispy skin but Arnold’s has perfected the crispy skin with succulent meat. The flavours are also not overpowering with spices so you can taste the freshness of the chicken. The fried were pretty general and I must say their salad was not the best as it was quite dry and flat.

Overall, if you want to taste very good fried chicken with pretty value for money prices, Arnold’s provide just the thing although the side dishes are not exactly the best.

Address:  215 Bedok North Street 1, #01-83, Singapore 460215

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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