Hoshino Coffee ION

The first time I visited Hoshino Coffee was when I was in Japan and I was pretty impressed by their drinks and desserts. While searching around Orchard for a place to hang out on a Friday evening, we chanced upon Hoshino Cofee in ION shopping Mall. Most of the cafes and restaurants were closed or closing around 9.30pm but Hoshino was still accepting orders till 9.30pm and the restaurant closes at 10.30pm. Naturally, due to the later closing hours, shoppers started flocking to the restaurant and a long queue formed waiting for a table.


We were shown to our table within 15 mins and the restaurant was decorated in the exact same manner as the one in Japan. There was this chic olden glam look in the gold and dark wood furnishings.


We were given a jug of ice water and disinfecting wipes the moment we settled into our table.


We were only here for drinks and light snacks so we did not explore the full menu.


My friend had the prawn bisque soup which was very thick and creamy and the umami flavours of the prawn came out strongly and very flavourful.


The fries were all thin shoestring fries and you can choose between 2 dipping sauces; the mentaiko mayo and wasabi mayo if I did not remember wrongly. The fries were very crispy and with very light seasoning so it is highly recommended that you eat the fries with the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce we chose was the mentaiko which was creamy and salty and complimented the fried perfectly.


The main dessert that I could not forget from Japan was the souffle and I was very glad the flavours were kept intact. The souffle was fluffy and light and had a nice sweet flavour when paired with the cream provided.


Lastly, something I would recommend to everyone is the fruit tea which is sweet and refreshing due to the whole fresh fruits added to the tea itself. As there were citrus fruits added to the drink, there was a natural tangy flavour which balances out the sweetness of the drink.

Overall, the food at Hoshino has the same standards in Japan and Singapore and the prices are pretty affordable. I would love to visit and try their full menu one day.

Address:  2 Orchard Turn, #B3-25/26, ION Orchard, 238801

Operating hours: 11. 30 am to 10 pm

Sat and Fri closes 10.30 pm and Sat and Sun opens at 11 am



Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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