Home-cooked Meals Under $10 Part 5

This is the final instalment for my home-cooked meals under $10 series since the lockdown has eased and I have stopped cooking dinner on weekdays nights. While I will continue to explore new and traditional recipes during the weekend, I will only post individual recipes. If there is a chance, I will bring this series back next time. For the last post of the series, I will introduce 2 extremely simple and lazy recipes.

The first dish is something I threw together when I was feeling extremely lazy but this simple dish has both meat and plant protein no doubt the sauce is not very healthy. This dish is simply canned braised pork with Nai Bai vegetable.


The only 2 items needed for this dish is

Canned braised pork – SGD 3.50

Nai Bai vegetable – SGD 2.00

The total cost of the dish is at SGD 5.50


To add flavour to the pork, I added some minced garlic and brought the pork and the sauce to a boil. For those who wish to have a healthy version, you can pour away the sauce since it is filled with preservatives and make your own with oyster sauce.


When the gravy boils, you can throw in the vegetables.


Cover the pot for 2 mins to allow the vegetables to wilt.


Once the vegetables are slightly wilted, you can lightly stir fry it so that the sauce and the vegetables are mixed thoroughly.


The dish is ready in less than 10 mins. While canned food is not the most healthy food, pairing it with a bunch of vegetable kind of give the dish a healthier balance. The vegetables are also glossy from the oil of the pork and help to cut the greasiness of the dish. With the gravy in the can, there is no need to add any other seasonings.

The 2nd dish, pork omelette is also a less than 10 mins kind of dish and you just need the 2 kinds of ingredients below.


5 eggs – SGD 1.50

250 grams of minced pork – SGD 3.00

The total cost of the dish is SGD 4.50


Season the pork lightly with 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce.


Add the seasoned pork to whisked eggs.


The  mixture should be well mixed with the pork spread out evenly in the egg


Next, you can fry the mixture just like how you fry the normal omelette.


The omelette is ready once both sides are pan-fried till golden brown. The whole process should take less than 10 mins.

The total cost of both dishes adds up to SGD 10


Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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