NY Night Market

Located within an open space of Vivocity, the NY Night market attracts diners with their brightly coloured red and yellow neon signboard and brightly lit street bulbs and yellow signboards. Resembling a food truck you commonly find in the United States with the decoration of flags, neon lights and aluminium plates, the restaurant serves a fusion of Korean street food and American favourites like pizza and fried chicken.


The available seating is limited since it is craved out from an open area and most of the space is dedicated to the kitchen. There are available bar stools and basic wood table and chairs and barrel seats. The entire atmosphere is casual and has a nice relaxed feel as most people chill out over drinks and snacks. One of the plus points is that the restaurant opens later than most of the restaurants within the mall.


The menu is as colourful as the restaurant in terms of looks and has a variety of Korean street food fusion with American fast food.


This is a 2 person sharing a portion of their flagship Korean fried chicken platter which comes with onion rings, fries as well as sides of salad and diced vegetables.  The serving size is huge with 2 quarters of chicken being served. The smell was wonderful when it was served and as we bite into the chicken, it was extremely crispy and the meat was tender and juicy. The texture and crispiness are on point although personally, I found the taste slightly on the light side with not too much of a seasoning. ( Having grown up on KFC, I am a heavy seasoned fried chicken fan) Putting aside the seasoning, the chicken is still very well done.


The other popular item we ordered was the budae jjigae (army stew) with jumbo sausage. The dish came in a heated steel pot and a gigantic sausage bent into a pretty circular shape to hold up the cheese topped on the army stew. The sausage itself was nicely cooked as it was still juicy and the skin was crispy and tight. The budae jigae itself was quite spicy and had baked beans, bacon and kimchi. The budae jigae in the menu came with beef but we had them remove it. The flavours were deep and flavourful except it was slightly spicy for me. Otherwise, it was a pretty scrumptious dish.


Next dish was the pork steak served on a hot steel plate with a side of fresh kimchi cabbage and caramelised onions. I’m not sure what style the pork is cooked in but it was very delectable. The pork steak was tender and juicy and the since there was no heavy gravy or sauce, you could taste the natural juices of the steak with the sweetness of the onions. Having the kimchi with the pork added a refreshing layer to the flavours.


Lastly, for drinks, we ordered the watermelon bowl to quench our thirst from the spicy stew. The sheer size was quite scary as it was served as it came in a huge dessert bowl with a serving ladle. This is basically watermelon juice served chilled with fresh fruits like blueberries, cherries and strawberries and ice cubes. The drink was very refreshing and surprisingly we butchered the whole bowl in a few sips since the stew was really spicy. This would be very good for a hot summer afternoon.

Overall, I enjoyed the food served at NY Night market as most of the dishes was delicious and the price point was also quite acceptable. There were also many promotions for beer and most of the customers were chilling with a beer. My only gripe was the server that served us was not extremely friendly as I requested for a bigger table since I intended to order many items. My request was rejected with a stern face until I finally ordered and after looking at the dishes she allowed us to shift to a bigger table and by then the more comfortable table was taken by another customer who also only had 2 persons. There were double standards as some server allowed a party of 2 to take a bigger table while we were rejected. Other than this slight unpleasant experience, the food is still worth trying

Address: 1, #01-116 Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity, 098585

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm ( 12am on Fri and Sat)


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