Yun Ga Traditional Korean Restaurant

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I had a Korean friend over in town when we decided to head to one of the restaurants near his hotel for Korean food as he had to have his share of Korean food. Before this, I have never heard of Yun Ga restaurant as it is nestled within the Katong V building.


The restaurant was empty when we stepped in even though it was during meal times. The setup is very typical of a Korean barbeque restaurant where you can see the hanging pipes which will filter the smoke from the barbeque plates.


We were served a few side dishes; the seasoned fish cakes and spinach which is nicely seasoned and good to eat with rice


Other side dishes include bean sprouts and cabbage kimchi which was a bit bland


The last side dish was the radish kimchi which was well-fermented


We had the kimchi pancake which came with charred skin and was rather thick. There was a good serving of chopped kimchi within the pancake and the consistency is more of a thick batter style than the crispy type. This according to my friend was more common in Korea but personally, I would like it to be thinner and more crispy.


Next is the bossam which is broiled pork belly in soy sauces and condiments and sliced thinly when served with pickled radish and kimchi. Generally, it is quite expensive to eat this dish in Singapore although it is widely popular in Korea. The serving was pretty small considering the price tag of approximately SGD 25. The meat was soft and succulent but I find the flavours somewhat lacking. I would have liked the meat to have absorbed more of the braised sauce.


Lastly, we had the fried spicy chicken with rice cake and vegetables. The dish came in a shallow iron pan which is heated by the gas grill on our table. The dish is mildly spicy with chunky chicken pieces which were quite tender. The sauce itself is flavourful and you need to cook it long enough for the rice cake to be soft and chewy. This was a good dish to pair with rice and beer as the flavours are very strong.

Overall, the dishes at Yun Ga is mediocre and not nasty. The prices are also quite general but the service is quite slow even though there were no much customers.

Address: 30 E Coast Rd, #03-12, Singapore 428751

Operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm

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