126 Dim Sum

If you are feeling peckish at night and looking for something light for supper, you can head down to 126 dim sum for some dim sum snacks as they are open 24 hours a day. Around since 1985, 126 has been the go-to place for many party-goers, concert-goers or taxi drivers for many years as they serve up some cheap and filling options for supper.


From a standard coffee shop unit to the current air-conditioned shop, 126 can get very crowded during meal times. The Chinese name of the shop means “Can find food” in Cantonese and it vaguely sounds like 126 in pronunciation which is the actual shop unit number of the store. This clever play of words allows many diners to easily remember this shop


Over the years, they have added on so much more items to their menu that they simply use a pictorial styled print out in a clear folder where you can clearly see how each dish looks like and the corresponding number for ordering.  Upon sitting down, the servers will pass you this folder with an order chit and once you are done, you can pass the order chit to any servers. It can be quite daunting to look through this menu as it has more than 50 items


One of the signatures of the shop is the beverages served in a huge plastic container which is usually used to pack soup for takeaway. With this large serving, the drinks are definitely more worth it than ordering canned drinks.


The porridge is served in mid-sized bowls and is smooth and topped with loads of ingredients. Nothing too fanciful, the taste is like those sold in the hawker centres.


The prawn dumplings come in a basket of 4 and have relatively thick skin although the prawn is still fresh.


The siew mai has many versions and this version is without the crab roe. This version has a huge amount of pork meat with minced mushrooms and the meat is still quite succulent.


The glutinous rice has generous amounts of peanuts, dried shrimps and fried shallots and the consistency of the rice was also very soft and flavourful.


My favourite has always been the paper wrapped chicken wings but over the years, I felt that the standard of the taste has dropped. It was blander and no longer has the flavourful taste which used to explode in your mouth.


The char siew bao is quite soft and fluffy but the meat itself is quite a disappointment as there were no distinct char siew flavours but just sweeten reddish meat with an overpowering five spice flavour.

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Here are some of the other dishes we ordered where some of them are pretty good like the egg tart and the fried wanton but the rest are just mediocre. I will not review every single dish but give an overall review of the food instead

Overall, the food at 126 is not restaurant-grade but it is neither nasty as well. Some of the dishes are really a miss while some are still quite acceptable. Personally, I find that 126 is just a place to fill up the tummy when you have late-night cravings but not a place to find gourmet food.

Address: 126 Sims Ave, Singapore 387449

Operating hours: 24 hours


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