Ramen is one of the most popular dishes for dinner even outside of Japan as the hot creamy soup is often very comforting for the stomach. We have also seen various versions of ramen from clear shoyu soup base, miso-based and thick tonkatsu base. When Afuri, an extremely popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo opened its first outlet in Funan, the queue was quite crazy. I waited over a few months before finally heading over to try their ramen


Located at basement 1 of Funan mall, the Afuri outlet is of medium size and can house at least 50 diners with standalone counter seats as well as group table seating. The outlet is brightly lit and has simple and clean decor.


Each table is equipped with their own tablet so you can make your order without the servers once you have mulled over the menu.


They have an open concept kitchen like most ramen restaurants and you can see the chef cooking your noodles from the counter seats.


Unlike most ramen restaurants, Afuri differentiates themselves from the competition boosting light and flavourful chicken soup base with a tinge of yuzu flavour. Their signature ramen is the yuzu ramen which comes in either the shio or shoyu soup base. They also have the same yuzu flavour for their Tsukemen ramen.


A fan of Tsukemen ramen, I ordered the yuzu Tsukemen. The serving size is pretty small but yet surprisingly very filling. The ramen is served with braised pork belly instead of the usual char siew.


Firstly, I love that the ramen noodles itself is extremely springy in texture and has a nice chewy bite. The noodles are able to soak up the yuzu sauce nicely which provides a good balance to the floury noodles. The sauce itself is very citrusy and savoury at the same time and also a light spicy after taste. The combination of the sauce with the noodles makes it a very refreshing meal.


Next on to the pork belly, the meat is extremely soft and well flavoured as you can taste the nice shoyu taste being absorbed into the meat itself. The pork belly is marginally fat so you can bite on the whole meat and not feel too greased out.


This next dish was recommended to me by the server; the Afuri Buta wings gyoza which is supposed to be one of their flagship dishes. The gyoza is skinnier than the usual gyoza and they are pan-fried together to develop this skin-like surface which binds them together into this round-shaped gyoza like a pancake.


Minus the flamboyant look of this buta wings gyoza, they basically just taste like any normal gyoza when eaten apart. In fact, I was slightly disappointed by them as they were not as juicy as I would have liked them and they were awfully skinny so they have very minimal fillings in them and the skin really did not add any points to the taste

Overall, I really liked the ramen and the yuzu flavoured sauce in my Tsukemen and would love to try the soup versions and the fact that the noodles were great, I believe the other versions of tonkatsu soup base will be equally delicious.

Address: Funan Mall, #B1-29, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 3.30 pm and 5.30 pm to 9 pm

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