Nayuki Bakery

I chanced upon this new Japanese bakery around the Funan area with a very nice aesthetics storefront. As a lover of bread, I definitely had to pop in and give it a try.


The bakery itself is a bubble tea store combined with a bakery and the entire decor is very modern and slick with marble table tops


There is a small corner of the store catered to customers who would like to have their bread and tea at the store but seats are limited to only 2 to 3 coffee tables


There are only a few varieties of bread available at the bakery with 1 main centre display area. The bread is refilled constantly with fresh ones straight from the kitchen behind.


This is the bubble tea menu available at the bakery


I bought some of the more interesting ones from the display. The bread is mostly priced between SGD 3 to SGD 5 and the size is more for sharing.


After paying for the bread, you can bring them to the side counter to slice up your bread into suitable individual eating pieces.


I tested the bubble tea fruit series as well and it is slightly different from the usual chain stores. The tea itself is very refreshing with light tea taste mixed with the sweetness of the juice. However, I did not think the tea was very special from others offered in the market


The chocolate bun has a strong chocolate taste and is definitely a winner for those who love chocolate a lot. The bun is not overly sweet but is filled entirely with chocolate

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The yam bread was shaped liked a flower with a centre filled with custard. The bread is quite huge and can be shared amongst 2 to 3 people. The texture of the bread is soft and but has that rough healthy grainy feel to it. The taste of the yam within the bread is not very strong and the custard is also not sufficient to balance out the rest of the bread in my opinion.


One of my favourite bread from the bakery was this olive and spring onion bread which was savoury and fragrant. It tasted like a homely pizza bread from Italy with nice cheese flavours.


The ham and cheese baguette was quite disappointing as the ham and cheese were scarcely placed across the bun and it doesn’t give the bread enough flavours. Generally. the bread was a bit bland and tough

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There are some other very interesting options available in the bakery like the dog boned shaped one as well as the matcha flavours ones. However, due to the price tag and size, it is difficult to try many kinds at one go.

Overall, I find Nayuki Bakery offering some interesting bread flavours but the price is also higher than the general bakery. Taste-wise, it is worth a try.

Address: 109 North Bridge Rd, #01-01 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105

Operating hours: 11 am to 9 pm

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