Chocolateria San Churros

We finished our dolphin cruise and was looking for a place to sit down for coffee and chill by the sea before heading back into Perth city. That’s when we spotted this churros cafe. Who doesn’t love chocolate and churros?

We settled for a table indoors as the senior was feeling chilly from the winter breeze. The cafe smells heavenly with fried churros smell and strong chocolate fragrance.

There were limited indoor seats with good space between tables for children to run around. There is also a 2nd storey available for customers.

The cappuccino came in a bright orange cup topped with chocolate shavings and a small chocolate square to eat after you finish the coffee. The coffee was aromatic and good and the serving was just nice for an afternoon break


This other drink was pretty interesting as it has caramel and cookie buttermilk. Those familiar with lotus cookie will know how this drink tastes like as it is a mix between a malt drink mixed with caramel cookies. The icing on the cake was the caramel cookie crumbs that laced the top of the foamy drink. This is definitely a pleaser for children and seniors.


The hot chocolate with a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream was totally sinful but yet so satisfying. The drink is served with a pretty chocolate dish separating the ice cream from the hot chocolate. After a while, it gets slightly messy as the steam from the hot chocolate starts to melt the chocolate disc and the ice cream starts to fall into the hot chocolate. The dark chocolate ice cream makes the hot chocolate even more thick and creamy and the drinks become thick gooey and sweet. This is perfect for a sweet tooth person like me.


The iced chocolate was a delight for all children with a tower of crazy delicious treats like an Oreo cookie, roasted marshmallow and fresh whipped cream. The iced version is slightly less thick and the flavours are milkier as we chose the milk chocolate version. The drink is sweet and rich with the whipped cream and milk and can be very filling.


We also ordered the churros tasting set which came with 4 different dips; the dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry chocolate. The churros were freshly fried and were nicely golden brown and crispy with every bite. It is so good that you can eat it on its own although the chocolate added on an additional layer of sweetness.


The fresh fruits and stuffed churros set was a level of its own. You can choose what kind of filling you want for the stuffed churros. We chose cookie cream and dark chocolate and the fat churros were filled to the brim. The outside was crisp and the moment we bit into the churro, the molten filling flowed out and covered our palates with it. The fresh fruit helps to balance the sweetness of the fillings by adding some citrus taste. If you eat this with your hand, get ready to deal with gooey messy fingers so those who dislike mess, you can always cut the churros with the knife and fork which is not as fun.

Overall, the Chocolateria San Churros is a great place for desserts and drinks and churros lovers will definitely love this place. Those on a diet should steer clear of this place as everything here is so tasty and yet sinful.

Address: Shop 4/73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210, Australia

Operating hours: 9 am to 9 pm

Author: elizbeartravel

A human bear who loves travelling, eating and cooking

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