Hai Kee Soy Chicken

While there is that one soy chicken stall in Singapore with 1 Michelin star, the queues are crazy every day with tourists flocking there to try the food. The typical Singaporean actually visit some other stalls around Singapore that have equally good soy chicken. One such stall is Hai Kee which has been around since the 1950s and today there are 2 outlets both managed by the family.


The first outlet is at Changi while the 2nd one is at the food court located within Viva business park. The viva park food court houses many famous and interesting stalls like Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu and Hai Kee is one of them with the longest queues during lunch times.


Located at one of the corners of the food court, with a brightly lit red signboard which is signature of Hai Kee. The outlet in Changi has the same signboard. The best time to visit is from 11am onwards as it gets very crowded from 12 pm with all the office crowd.


There are digital signboards with the menu as well as some of their social media information.


For those who find the screens flashing too fast, there are also a couple of hard copy menu at the counters for customers.


You can see the beautifully glazed soy chicken hanging by the window while the chef chops up the meat for customer’s orders. They also sell other meats like honey barbequed pork belly and roast pork belly.


I ordered a platter with all the meats as well as their dry noodles. Complimentary soup is also provided. All the food is served in these traditional plates with a nostalgic Chinese print.


There are a few sauces available like chilli sauce, ginger as well as garlic for customers to help themselves at the self-service station.


This platter was priced at SGD 20 which is a bit pricey in my opinion as the serving is not exactly huge. Firstly, the bbq pork had nice sweet flavours but I found the meat too fatty as there was a huge slab of fatty meat which was not grilled enough to be melting in your mouth. The roast pork was slightly better with very crispy skin and a thinner layer of fats which sort of semi melts in your mouth. The fat level of the roast pork was more acceptable although I found that the meat was slightly tough and not juicy enough.

Next, for the soy chicken, it is indeed very flavourful and the meat is very succulent. The skin is thin with very little fat and nicely seasoned with strong soy taste. The star of the stall is definitely the soy chicken without any doubt.


The noodles are seasoned with the same soy gravy as the soy chicken, therefore, the noodles are perfect in flavours. The texture of the noodles is also very good as they were springy and light. The noodles also have light egg flavours as they are the egg noodles compared to usual flour noodles. This variety of noodles is usually found in most Hong Kong restaurants.

Overall, Hai Kee definitely makes one of the best soy chicken in Singapore with equally delicious noodles. The rice served is also flavoured chicken rice, unlike normal soy chicken stalls that serve plain white rice. I will not mind queuing for the soy chicken but probably not for the other meats.

Address: 750 Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 469000

Operating hours: 10.30 am to 9 pm








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