Shinjuku East Hotel

There are plenty of choices when it comes to hotels in Tokyo but to find an affordable yet centralised hotel is quite difficult especially during peak tourist seasons. Shinjuku is well known for being one of the most centralised locations in Tokyo with shopping malls and the most confusing train interchange. Kabuki Cho the known red light district is also in Shinjuku so there are many love hotels around the area

My main objective for this trip was shopping so I was willing to forgo luxury accomodations with a basic and pocket friendly room. Shinjuku East Hotel had a very affordable room rate and the rooms did not look very bad so I went ahead with my booking. The building itself was very old and looks very dated. The entrance also really looks like a love hotel which got me worried

The lobby was dated like the exterior and had a small check in counter with clean but dated carpets. It reminded me of a scene in a love motel from those cheap movie.

The corridor was pretty basic and narrow with metal doors which were sound proof.

This lightbox above the door shows if the room is vacant

The room itself is huge which is very rare for a hotel room within Tokyo. There was a sofa seating area with a small mini fridge and small cupboard for clothes

The bed area was also spacious with good walking space around the bed and side counter space next to the bed for your belongings. However, there are no charging ports near the bed and the only ones are at the TV area.

The basin is separated from the bathroom and toilet. Amenities provided are quite substantial

The toilet unit itself is very small and my knees is very near the wall when I sit down. In fact, it was tough to enter and move in the toilet since l’m larger than the typical Asian

The bathroom was huge with a bath tub and a separate shower area where you can sit and scrub yourself like in the onsen. The water pressure and temperature was good but the heater might take some time to heat up

Overall, this is my first time staying in a love motel with a rather shady entrance but I need to give them credit for very friendly and helpful staff. The linens and towels are replaced daily and rooms were kept clean. I stayed for 4 nights but did not experience any shady business or people even when we returned late. The multiple security cameras throughout the property somewhat gave the reassurance. They are also very strict on their no visitors policy so non guest cannot go to the rooms. The hotel is a 10mins to main Shinjuku station and shopping areabuta 2 min walk to another subway not on the main line.

If you are looking for agood location hotel with good rates and don’t mind a dated room with the odd creak in the floorboards, this is it.

Room rates from: SGD 105

Address:2 Chome-6-16 Kabukicho, 新宿区 Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan

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