Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

Our friend who decided to join us on a later date booked another hotel near us in the same area so I had the chance to visit her room and also give a review. The Granbell Hotel is a more modern artistic hotel which is very popular with tourist as well.


The hotel lobby itself is grand and modern looking like a nice 4 star hotel. There were plenty of sofas and arm chairs available for guests to sit and rest


As the hotel is quite popular with tourists, the check in counter is quite busy and it takes plenty long to complete the check in process. There are about 3 – 4 counters to serve guests


At the far end of the lobby, there is a cosy coffee lounge that serves beverages and desserts. The lobby also has information boards that shows the temperature of the different prefecture of Japan for tourists visiting the different areas.


Nearer to the lift lobby, there is a huge area with multiple vending machines either serving drinks or snacks for their guests so there is no need to go outside the hotel. There is also a smoking room on the ground floor since it is a non smoking hotel


The room was for a single traveller so the size was typically small and cramped. The moment you enter and just a few steps and you will reach the bed which is placed right next to the wall and window.


Right next to the bed is this small table and bench and a flat TV right above the table


Right in front of the TV and small table, there is a small shelf area where you can find the radio, electric kettle, cups, mini fridge as well as sachets of coffee and tea.


Next to the entrance, you can find a small space where you can hand your clothes as well as find the bedroom slippers and laundry bags


From then bed, you can see the full view of the bathroom with a full view window which can be blocked with a blind. The size is quite decent considering the overall size of the room itself.


All the necessary amenities were provided at the sink counter top


All bath gel and shampoo is provided as well as in all Japanese hotels. You can see the bed and window from the bathroom in this picture.

Overall, the hotel is modern and nice but the rooms are really small with hardly any space for luggage. However, if you are travelling alone for business or a short trip, the room is extremely cosy and warm with everything you need within reach. The location is also within 10 mins walk to the main Shinjuku station and 3 mins to another station not on the main line. If you have more to spend and wish to stay around this area, this can be a nice choice

Rooms start from: SGD 158

Address: 2 Chome-14-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan



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