Mentai Quiche

When you reach the Fukuoka airport, both international and domestic, you will find a whole lot of shops selling Mentaiko products. We were walking around the stores and this particular shop caught our attention.


This is a limited edition item at Fukuoka airport and you cannot find it anywhere else. They are basically cheese tarts with Mentaiko toppings infused in the tart fillings.


The tarts are baked fresh daily at the outlet itself and there is only 2 staff handling the store


Each tart comes with a little paper pocket to hold it up and cost ¥300 per piece


The tart itself was buttery and warm and crunchy while the cream cheese center was creamy and smooth. There was a line of Mentaiko sprinkled on top of the tart as the topping.


When you bite into the tart, the Mentaiko is nicely infused into the entire cheese filling and not just as the topping. The taste of the tart is very creamy and nice like all Tokyo cheese tarts, but the Mentaiko provided an additional layer of flavours which is savoury and bursting with umami flavours. The taste of this tart is really very unique and everyone should try it since you can only get it in Fukuoka airport

Address: Fukuoka Airport departure hall




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