Comnam Vietnamese Street Eats

There are times where I miss the Vietnamese food especially the spring rolls and the pho that I will jump at the chance to have a Vietnamese meal. I was walking pass this restaurant at Raffles City when I realised that Nam Nam has opened a sister outlet called Comnam Vietnamese Street Eats which is kind of joined to Nam Nam.


The décor itself is quite similar to Nam Nam with a eat and go vibe.


There is no servers here and ordering is fully self service. The menu is different from the one at Nam Nam but you can also order the food from Nam Nam and have it over at Comnam.


You can put in your orders at the counter and also make your payment here.


You will be given a buzzer to collect your food when it is ready.


Everything here is self service and you can get bowls, utensils as well as sauce saucers from the self service bar.


You can enhance your meal with the variety of sauces on every table like the fish sauce and Vietnamese chilli.


There are areas all over the restaurants dressed up in typical Vietnamese items like the traditional hat.


I ordered the iced lotus tea which is very light and non sweetened. There is a hint of herbal taste to the drink and is pretty refreshing.


I also ordered the Phnom Penh noodles ( the name is pretty weird) which is basically a pork noodles with prawns and also a soft boiled egg and loads of beans sprout. The broth is very light and tasted much better after adding fish sauce, lime and chilli. The noodles is very delicious and great for a light meal.


The Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes) serving was huge and good enough for 2 -3 people to share. It takes almost 20mins for this to be ready but it was worth it. The external crepe was extremely crispy like chips and has a nice oily savoury taste.


The toppings inside the Seafood Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes) had fried squid, fried fish meat, prawns and a lot of beans sprouts and green spring onions. The entire platter came with fresh green vegetables and herbs which can be eaten together with the crepe. The sauce provided is also a partially sweet, sour and spicy sauce.

Overall, the food is good enough to satisfy a Vietnamese food craving. I would not say that it has the best Vietnamese food in Singapore but just good and convenient enough. The prices were also reasonable but because I ordered the crepe, they made me wait for the noodles as well, the staff should have asked during my order if I want them served together. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of service.

Address: Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Rd, #B1-46/47, Singapore 179103

Operating hours: 10 am to 9.30 pm

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