Middle Road Pork Rib Prawn Noodles

Personally I am a huge fan of prawn noodles and I pride on moving from coffee shops to hawkers to find good prawn noodles. Once I have found a good one, I will constantly crave for it. The last round, I was crazy for the one at old airport road food center but the standards has kind of dropped.


On one of my weekend rounds around Bugis, I discovered this little prawn noodle stall at the corner of the coffee shop. There was a steady queue and multiple customers having the noodles sitting within the coffee shop. To me, this was a clear sign of something worth my time.


While queuing, I realised that the stall has it’s fair share of limelight in local newspapers, food blogs and magazines.


They serve a variety of noodles; the general prawn noodles, the pork ribs noodles, the mixed pork noodles and mixed pork soup. All of the choices features the thick flavourful pork ribs prawn soup.


The auntie is really friendly as she mends the big pot of pork rib prawn soup boiled over several hours.


She is the main person who takes your order and also cooks the noodles. The space that she works in is extremely small but efficient as she works with different pots of ingredients and toppings for the different kinds of noodles.


She would then pass on the bowls to this uncle who either serves them to the customers on red trays or packs them in plastic bowls for the customer. The uncle is also the one collecting the payment.


The soup is very dark and has a strong pork rib flavour with the sweetness of the prawn heads used. The noodles were cooked well and what really attracted me the most was the mixed pork noodles which came with prawns, braised pork liver, pork intestines and pork meat. All the ingredients were so well braised and so tasty that you can easily go for a 2nd bowl.

Address: 269B Queen St, Singapore 182269

Google Map Link


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