Krisflyer Gold Lounge Changi Terminal 3

I have been to this lounge so many times through my colleagues that I have forgotten that I have not written a review about this lounge. Changi airport has been voted the Best airport for 6 years running by in the annual World Airport Awards by Skytrax for 2018.Being the Singapore airlines lounge in home ground Changi, one would expect the lounge to be one of the best.


The lounge is quite spacious with workstations power points for the frequent work traveller to work on their laptops as well as table and chairs for those who prefer a proper dining setting.


For those who prefer to just lounge, there is the lounge area with a wide availability of magazines and publications. The overall lighting is dim with mood lightings.

20190103_185723 There is also an external area where you will find plenty of lounge chairs for the traveller to relax and take in the food and drinks offered in the lounge. The external area is brighter and has a relaxed atmosphere overseeing the rest of the airport.


They have quite an extensive food offerings from hot soups, rice and meat dishes to local Singaporean dishes.


They also have a range of Chinese dim sum like siew mai and steamed buns for snacks.


Those who prefer cold food like sandwiches would be delighted to find the usual ham and cheese sandwiches and tuna sandwiches available as well.


There is a full set of coffee and tea making station serving TWG tea bags and espresso from the machine.


There is also a whole fridge full of mineral water, can soda drinks and can and bottled juices. There is also a liquor bar for those who like a sip before their flight.


Those travelling with children can find cereal and milk as well as fruits, cheese and biscuits for comfort.

Overall, the lounge has almost everything you need in a lounge except that it can get quite crowded and also there is no exclusive single booth seating for those who would prefer their own privacy. The big downside of the lounge is that there is no bathroom and shower within the lounge and you have to use the external bathroom. I have visited other SQ lounges in other airports and they have much better facilities so it is quite disappointing that the one in Changi which is our home ground is not the best.

Some notes: If you are flying on Star Alliance, you can use the lounge as long as you are a hold of the Gold Krisflyer member and you can bring 1 guest with you who also needs to be on a SQ flight or Star alliance flight.


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