Heng Hwa is a dialect from Putian; part of Fujian province with a language which is similar to Teochew or Hokkien but at the same time with its differences. Heng Hwa cuisine has some very distinct flavours and there are many fans and followers. Putien is one such restaurant that has not only brought the Heng Hwa cuisine to the masses and opened many outlets in malls, it has even earned a 1 Michelin star for its cuisine.


Many of the Putien restaurants are pretty huge with good capacity for big family gathering as well as small groups of diner. The décor is modern Chinese chic with round and rectangular tables.


For starters, there have many interesting unique dishes like this fried century egg dish. Many foreigners might not dare to try century egg which are preserved chicken or duck eggs in ash, clay, salt , quicklime and rice hulls for months or years. The end result is a black coloured transparent white and a dark grey and green yolk. The eggs are fried in light batter and coated in a sweet and sour sauce. This dish is really interesting and for fans of century eggs, this is a great dish.


Photo Credit: Putien Website

This is one of my favourite dish from Putien and they get sold out very fast. You are recommended to make a booking for this dish if you want to eat it. Fresh cockles are steamed with Chinese wine and huge amount of garlic, spring onions and chilli. You get a plate of extremely addictive juicy cockles with a kick of spiciness from the chilli and garlic.

Photo Credit: Putien Website

Not exactly a starter but more like a snack this dish is like a pork sandwich except the the shredded pork is fried till fragrant with dark sauce and onions and the bread is fried open faced mantou bread with white sesame. The marriage of these 2 is simply wonderful.

This dish might look like any omelette dish but look again! It’s actually fried egg and flour with oysters and spring onion. The batter with the oysters are semi pan fried til golden crispy and each bite has a good crunch. This dish was a small disappointment during my most recent trip as the batter was not crispy enough and there were very little oysters.

This is another of their signature dish which is the duck wrapped with mashed yam before it is deep fried. The accompaniment sauce is a thick sweet sauce which gives the dish a more sweet taste. The duck is lighted seasoned while the yam was creamy and smooth.

Photo Credits: Putien website

This is another signature dish which rans out easily. As simple as it looks, it is plainly yam cubes fried with sugar malt lightly to give it a taut crispy skin with a slight burnt caramel taste and creamy savoury yam core.

This soup is a personally favourite as it feels totally homely and soup for the soul.The base stock of the soup is cooked using fish and paired with beancurd and chinese cabbage and some salted fish for taste. The soup is milky and sweet from natural sweetness of the cabbage.

One of the key flagship dish is this lor mee which is braised handmade noodles with a thick starchy gravy. The noodle soup is light and savoury from the seafood used to slow braised the stock. The dish is winner when paired with their home made chilli sauce. You will see this on every table.

Putien is a restaurant great for family gathering with good food at reasonable prices.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-131/132, 098585

Operating hours: 11.30 to 3 pm and 5.30 pm to 10 pm

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