Bornga Vivocity

When the going gets tough and you crave a sinful meaty meal or just simply when you binge watched an entire Korean drama and desperately needs to eat Korean food, Bornga is here for you!

Owned by the very famous Korean chef Baek Jon Won who is a celebrity chef with multiple culinary programs and owner of many restaurants in Korea, Bornga was created with only 1 goal in mind; which is to make Korean cuisine international.

Bornga has since came a long way with many outlets all over Asia. The Vivocity outlet is quite big and layout in a typical Korean restaurant style.

The menu has a section dedicated to barbeque meats with beef and pork selections as well as sections for soups and side dishes.

Used as a placemat, there are printed illustrated instructions to teach first timers how to best enjoy Korean barbeque.

For guest ordering barbeque, you will be served a fresh bed of lettuce, carrots, green chilli and cabbage for meat wraps.

As with every Korean meal, there are always side dishes given complimentary. A few popular ones always served is the kimchi, seasoned greens, potato salad, radish kimchi and seasoned leeks

One of my favourite is this seaweed and cucumber sweet vinegar soup which can be used as a palate cleanser or simply to enhance your appetite.

Most of the soups here are made with beef base except for this kimchi soup which was boiled from pork bones. The kimchi soup is more on the sour type with strong kimchi flavours and a very subtle meat base. The meat was cooked till such tenderness; it can be removed from the bone with ease.

We had the marinated pork belly and pork ribs and the server will grill the meat for you and place them in a plate ready to be eaten. The meat is very tasty and well marinated but the pork ribs had more bones and was more difficult to chew on. While I loved the flavours, I not sure if too much msg was used as I was extremely thirsty from the meal.

This seafood and pork ssamjang is very good with deep soy bean flavours and savoury taste from the seafood and pork. This is used as an additional topping for meat wraps or rice wraps.

You can wrap rice and ssamjang in a lettuce and it’s a perfect combination.

Jap chae is basically a glass noodles, cabbage, carrots and greens seasoned with soy sauce, seasame oil and other sauces. This is a cold dish served as a side dish or you can have it as your main carbo intake. The noodles were full of umami flavours as it has fully absorbed the sauce.

The seafood pancake was a huge serving but was not crispy. Instead it was a thick slab instead of the thin crispy ones. It reminded me more of a omelette instead.

Overall, the food at bornga is not too bad although the msg can be abit heavy and it is not 100% similar to it’s outlets in Korea since it was adjusted to suit foreigners as well.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity, #02-123, 098585

Operating hours: 11.30 am to 10 pm

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