My Japanese Karaoke experience

I never thought I would ever step into a Japanese karaoke in my life until last week. After dinner, rather than hanging out at another Izakaya restaurant and stuff our faces, we decided to head to a karaoke to continue our drinks and chit chatting session.


Big Echo is one of the more popular outlets with many floors of facilities and rooms. The entrance is lavishly decorated with colourful LED lights on their ceilings and walls.


The reception is located at the 4th floor, once the lift doors open, you are greeted by the brightly lit reception with white clean walls. The establishment is very clean and family friendly.


There is also free WIFI given to all guests.


There is 2 portable machines in the rooms. One of the machine allows you to select the songs you wish to sing. The other machines allows you to adjust the volume, echo as well as audio selectors for the song.


Just like karaoke around Asia, there is a wide selection of drinks for selection. What is different is they have a wide selection of finger food and full course meals and desserts for customers.


The experience in a Japanese karaoke is very similar to the ones anywhere in Asia. The only difference is that they have very limited foreign language songs and when you managed to find one, the music videos are the fake cheesy ones and they absolutely has no audio companion to select on the machine so you are pretty much on your own singing the songs. I guess this would be my last and only time visiting a Japanese karaoke.

Author: elizbeartravel

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